January 31, 2010

Painting to Cover it up

Yesterday I continued to paint my office. It's not that it needed to be painted, but the color that was there was not my style nor was the flower wallpaper boarder. For those who know me they know I am not a flowery person and even less of a pastel lover! So back to my office, which is in the basement of our building, it is a great space and I know it serves me well repainted or not, but change was needed.

With no natural light I had to remove the lavender painted peg board walls and the light brown panel board along with the purple and green flower wall paper boarders. My change is coming along slowly, as yesterday we finished the primer and started to paint the ceiling white as well! The change is good! And I am not the only one who is making changes in our office, we are painting the lobby, client rooms and office space! It is looking great.

So I was thinking, painting a room a new color allows us to change the mood of a room and offer new life in that space,but how do we just slap on a coat of Change in our lives?

How do we make changes that would allow our moods to change?

How can we provide a simple fix in our own personal lives that would be as mood altering as a coat of paint on the wall?

What could that fix be in our daily lives?

As we all entered the new year many of us made resolutions to make a change in our lives that would slap a coat of paint over the old stuff!  But is that coat of paint a healthy way of dealing with what we want to change?  Not in my life!

My goals for the New Year have gone a rye and today I start over again! I will not use a thick paint but maybe a clear coat that would allow the old to shine through! What will you do?

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January 28, 2010

Thinking Thursday - Take a Step in the Right Direction

I am sitting here working on stuff for my job and I look over at a paper that said

1. Acknowledge "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Rom 3:23
2. Repent "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins ,ay be blotted out" Acts 3:19
3. Confess "If we confess our sins. He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" 1 John 1:9
4. Believe "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be dammed" Mark 16:16
5. Receive "He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.  But as many as received Him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name" John 1:11,12

With all these things said why wouldn't I become a child of the Lord?  Why wouldn't I want to be in the Glory of the Lord? Why would I want all these things and more for, not only myself, but for those around me?  Living with a faithful heart is a hard road to travel but with the Right Steps and the Lord with you along that path, All His Glory can given to you. 

Today was just a Thinking Thursday about my continued path with the Lord. 

Where are you on your path?

When will you take the next step?

Need a friend on the path to His Glory?

I am here for you friend.

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January 27, 2010


Ever hear of Tim Tebow?

He is an amzing son of a Christian missionaries who were told by their doctor that he would not make it as an infant and that the best thing to do would be to abort him.  Their choice has preoduced an amazing Christian man with deep faith in the Lord and a great football player with talent.

Right now he and his family are in the middle of a national campaign against ProLifers and their Advertisment that is scheduled to air during the Superbowl, is under the knife and about to be pulled from airtime.  CBS might pull the 30 second spot, and I think that as americans we need to stand up for our freedom of speech.  THis stuff is not offenstive, hurtful or even painful to watch.  It is our God given right to speak what and when we want to.

Please watch this video and voice your opinion.


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January 26, 2010

Truthful Tuesday. FAIL

Yesterday I touched on "QUITTING" just giving up! I have yelled many times in my parenting day "I quit!" Or I want out! Truthfully I feel as though I FAIL my kids each day.

When I was a mother of one and working, I thought I am a failure for not being with him all day everyday! Then we had our second and I went back to work, and thought I was failing two children now. So I left my job of 8 years to become a stay at home mom! And can I tell you it was a hard choice, and even harder position to take on.

(Train wreck at Montparnasse, France, an example of a failure. 1895)
1. Another word for "suck", most probably derived from the world of internet gaming.  2.To not achieve

1. What do you mean you lost? YOU FAIL!   2. I failed at achieving sickness to avoid the presentation.

In those past three years I have struggled almost daily in thinking that I am failing my children and family, to the point of wanting out. Now I have an amazing job, and a great support system in my faith in Jesus Christ.

Without Jesus in my life Failing seemed to weigh on my heart more, but with the Lord walking with me on my path, it does not seem to matter as much! Tomorrow is another day! The Lord did not make anyone to be perfect Except his son Jesus Christ, and he died so all our sin would be forgiven and our entry into heaven would be assured as long as we followed the Lord to best of our abilities and with Christian hearts!

Failing does not = Failure!

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January 24, 2010

Monday's why Monday's

Have you ever wanted to just say "I quit!!"?

I am sure more than once in your life you have felt this way about something you are doing! Let me say right now I am not talking about my current employment, because I Love what I do and who I work with, I am speaking in general quitting!

Looking back as a child I am not sure that quitting was really an option, we were encouraged to try again or try harder next time if we felt like quitting. But as I moved into adolescence I really felt like quitting, the BIG old exit life thing. This was a very difficult time in my life, and there were many nights that I wanted to just die (quit)! Even cried out for help many times.

As I grew the social aspects of adolescence got better with time, but then the responsibilities of young adulthood started to really wear on me. I wanted to just quit, and go back to being a kid! Not an option! As college approached I was not ready to quit being a kid, so I stayed at home. My first year, worked, went to school and started to quit being a kid!

Off to college I went, moved on to campus, and quit being a teen and moved on to being a young adult! Kinda, as much as living with your peers will let you! Many days of long classes, too much drinking, projects, reading, no cash, etc I wanted to just quit again!

But I did not Quit! I stuck it out knowing I needed the education, and I graduated, found a job, apartment and moved out of state! I wanted to quit that job pretty quickly not because of the job, but because -I was in Love!

I did not quit that job, but somehow the job quit me! My life moved forward toward marriage and then children! Have I wanted to quit since then? Sure many times! I have wanted to quit my jobs, marriage, parenting, volunteer positions etc, but somehow through it all I manage. More now than ever I have been able to look back at all those difficult times and see that my life would be so much different if I QUIT!

Now being a Christian on my walk with the Lord, I see that all those times I was in need, I was supported the most and I did not quit!

Are there times in your life when you wanted to quit? Give up? Walk away from it all? But didn't and now you see why? Reflect on those times.

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January 21, 2010

Thinking Thursday - MONEY?

Last night and today really got me thinking about money and the true desire to have more of it!

I was looking for a prayer request website and there was this one that would not allow me to post my prayer request without donating money, because they said without giving it all up to the Lord, he will not answer my prayers! WOW

So I was thinking about what is money and what does it really bring us? Not much.

We work harder for more money. We spend more time away from our families for MORE money. We give up more just getting More Money.

If I could lay it all down before the Lord and ask him to protect me and provide for my family I would gladly volunteer each day of my life for the Crisis Pregnancy Center where I work! I would give all the hours I could without Pay - If the Lord would provide for us.

Looking at where my husband and I have been with finances, we have done a 180 degree turn in our lives. From being young and having two full time good paying jobs, a rented apartment and no children and no car payments. We lived high off the hog!

But we did not have faith in the LORD. Now we have two children, two mortgages, four cars, and lots of debt, and 1.5 paying jobs. We have faith and trust in the Lord, and still I feel as though I owe Him more.

I know I am not giving everything I have to Him, but I know I have to change what and how I give to the Lord, and in return He will provide for us. So where does money come in? Well Money is what is needed to make things work in this country. We as Americans need more money, more debt, more cars and fancy things, but is this how He wants us to live? NO!

As a family we are trying to get back to basics, and to teach our boys that having everything is NOT EVERYTHING. Having faith and trust in the Lord is everything we need to be successful and Loved in this world, even if society tells us otherwise. As a family we have made little changes to teach our boys about money and what their needs really are. Not sure how we are doing as parents but as always we are doing the best we can.

Do you have any tips on how to talk to your children about money or finances? I would love to hear them.
Click here for some good tips on how to talk with your children about $$ from http://www.athealth.com/

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January 20, 2010



What a Word!

Many will call it a scary word or a dirty word -
some won’t even say it!
My Grandmother Had Cancer.
Two Women I know have Cancer and many more people I have known in my life HAVE HAD OR STILL HAVE CANCER.  Men have Cancer, the previous owner of our home had cancer and killed himself because of it!  My neighbors wife, had cancer and passed away a few years ago - IT EFFECTS US ALL - AND we need a Wake Up Call.

What Is Cancer? : The body is made up of hundreds of millions of living cells. Normal body cells grow, divide, and die in an orderly fashion. During the early years of a person's life, normal cells divide faster to allow the person to grow. After the person becomes an adult, most cells divide only to replace worn-out or dying cells or to repair injuries. Cancer begins when cells in a part of the body start to grow out of control. There are many kinds of cancer, but they all start because of out-of-control growth of abnormal cells. ACS website for more information http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_4_1x_What_Is_Cancer.asp?sitearea=

When I was working at a larger Hospital in Connecticut we worked closely to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research, Treatment and Education. It was rewarding work just knowing that so many people are touched by the stories or by people they knew - enough to give to this Hospital's Cancer Center. I even gave in HONOR of my Mother who at the time was NOT diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

But now she has been! She was well educated on the disease because her own mother had breast cancer and I believe had a mastectomy. I fear Cancer, but I know that there is little I can do to prevent it or stop it from happening, but for now I have to pray for my mother, friends and those I do not know who are living with cancer. I will continue to give funds, I will continue to support fundraisers and I will continue to PRAY.

Will YOU?   Feel free to tell me how I can pray for you or how Cancer has touched your life.

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January 19, 2010

Truthful Tuesday - Adoption

Yesterday I touched on the fact that I was given life! How awesome is that? I think it is pretty cool.
And I am sure those who know me think the same thing! Well they better!

Today I want to be Honest with you all and answer a question I have gotten most of my life when people find out that I am an adoptee. They ask "have you ever wanted to find your birthmother?"

To be honest, yes and no! Kinda open ended right? Well there have been times in my life when I thought yeah it would be great to find my birthparents and connect with them and create a relationship with them, but there are times where I think "Nope"! I am 35 and in those 35 years I have had so many different feels on finding my birthmother that I could write a book, but to be honest once I was married and had children my feelings have been more toward not trying to connect with my birthparents. For the main reason that my adoption was a closed adoption and it has been 35 years since it happened. I ask myself a bunch of questions about her:

Is she still alive? If married did she tell her spouse? If she has children has she told them?
Was she ever counseled after the adoption? Does she want to be found?

I put myself in her shoes and ask how would I feel after 35 years if this person found me and claimed to be my biological child? Not sure how I would respond.

One more question I have gotten after I answer the first would be "aren't you curious to find out about them?"

SURE! Now that I have children and I am not getting any younger, I am very curious about how they look their health history, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. I have the basic facts height, weight etc, but how cool would it be to see a photo? Read about what they have done since they were 17 years old etc. It would be great to know it all without knowing or have to get to know the person on a personal level.

The last major question I get is "So you have two sets of parents?"

NO WAY! I have my mom and dad who adopted me and raised me, there is NO other set of parents, they are my parents, and they gave me values, morals, goals, boundaries and most important LOVE! My mom and dad are just that MY PARENTS! I would never think of my biological mother as much more than a person who Choose Life for me and gave me a better life then she could at the time. She made a very difficult decision to allow My Mom and Dad to raise me as their own, with no connections or ties to them. AMAZING! I love My Mom and Dad, I think of them as nothing else.

So to be honest today on Truthful Tuesday ~ I love that I was Given LIFE and that in a hard time in her life, my birthmother was supported by others enough to be Prolife!

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January 18, 2010

Monday Why Monday ??

I ask this question each week - MONDAY, WHY MONDAY??  Why does it have to Monday already?

But this week is different - this week I do not ask the question, but more like reflect on the fact that I CAN ASK ANY QUESTION I WANT TOO!!

OK OK don't look so puzzled!! Because I know you are right now!

I can ask any question I want, I can walk, breath, laugh and thank God for my life each day that I wake up! And so can you!

Anyone who is reading this and is under the age of 37 can thank their mothers or birthmothers for their Life! Because on January 22nd 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court decided that Abortion in all 50 States is legal (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roe_v._Wade for more details). I was conceived by a young unmarried couple (17 and 18 year old) in July of 1973 only 5.5 months after this action by the courts was taken. WOW - I think of all the things that could have happened and all the choices made by this young couple in a time where it was "OK" to abort a child. I can only imagine the pain of making a decision to carry a baby to full term and then making the choice to allow a family to adopt their child. What pain, what choice, and what kind of pressures did they face? It must have been hard!!

But at the same time I praise them each morning!

I praise them for making a Prolife Choice. For trusting in the Lord to carry a child to full term and then trusting even greater, an unknown couple to raise and love that baby as their own. What a CHOICE.

So today I am taking a small break in my crazy life to thank them and thank the Lord for guiding this young couple to carry this child to term and give this child a chance at an amazing life. I will be praying for them and for all those who have gone through a loss of a child in any form, be it adoption, abortion or death. A loss of a child is just that in ANY form. 

The following is a blog post from a year ago and bears repeating: http://robertsrockfarm.blogspot.com/2009/02/lyric-to-little-wonders-rob-thomas.html

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January 14, 2010

Thinking Thursday

This week is smiple and took me time to do - I am thinking of my Mom!
Pray for her and Pray for her as she waits to see another reading
about cancer spreading to other parts of her body!

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January 13, 2010


I am and will continue to pray for a fellow Blogger as she starts her series next week on the Sanctity of Human Life Week culminating on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 24, 2010.

As many of us who are Prolife Christians know Abortion is not an easy topic and it is not one everyone wants to read about, but the TRUTH is Abortion is the largest Killer in our country today and those who do not want to read about it are in need of guidance and prayer.

So tonight and each night till Sunday the 24th (and beyond that) I will be praying for those who are unaware of the pain and suffering abortion give our nations women and those who support them. Brooke is an amazing person who is taking up the challenge of writing about this "tabooed" topic, May the Lord Bless her and guide her in the week ahead. Click here to see Brooke's blog   http://www.brookemcglothlin.com/

So WAKE UP and read about what is going on in our Nation.  WAKE UP People!

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January 12, 2010

Truthful Tuesday~!

Ok here it is plain and simple!  My honest opionion today! 
I do not like Legos on the Floor!
They are a great toy for all children and I know that my boys are bound to get more as they grow older, but for some odd reason I can not stand them all over the floor.  They drive me crazy when I see them on the floor and do not even get me started on when I step on them, because swear words might follow.  Legos are an amzing tool for building the imgination in young children and really allow children to explore their creative side, but the thought of them on the floor makes me want to vacume them all up and throw out the vacume bag!

So what made me go off on this tangent?  Well it is truthful Tuesday and Last night I was sitting by the pellet stove building and building, long after the boys were in bed.  I was trying to build a very tall tower for them, and as I sat their I was praying for them and asking God to protect and watch over them as they grow up and become men, and then I got up and I stepped on one!  UGH!!!!

Those might be some of the smalled blocks of plastic you have ever tried to find on a dark rug, but when your socked foot finds one under it, watch out they hurt like a BEEP BEEP BEEPSorry I had to edit as I know that many of you have small children reading over your shoulders!  So there it is, my truthful tuesday for today!  I love and hate the honesty I have sometimes, as another blogger put it, I have Hurt people with my honesty.  But today I HATE LEGOS!  even though I love to build with them!

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January 11, 2010

Monday, WHY Monday?

Last week I wrote about adding prayer to my daily routine and adding more of it!


I feel as though I had added more prayer, not all at once during the day but all different times of day and when the need for prayer arises. Also as I mentioned last week our church home is doing a three week series on Prayer, how cool is that? Not only are the women bloggers in my life writing about prayer, my church is supporting me in this new venture I have taken on. So Craig Groeschel is brought to our church via video and he started last week with the basics of prayer, this week he is asking us "Why Didn't God Answer My Prayer? Well we all have asked that question, right? I know I have. So Craig breaks down what matters to God when we are praying and how all those things effect your prayers to Him.

The first was Relationships - That one struck me right between the eyes yesterday when I was sitting in church because when I wrote my blog post in the am (church is at 4 pm) I told myself that I had to work on the relationships in my life, and not really knowing why, I made it something I had to do! So working on my relationships with those in my family, my church life, work life and beyond is something that matters to the Lord and it has to matter to me.

The second point that was made was that our Motives matter! Great point! Why are we asking for these things to happen? Who is going to be the receiver of the outcome of the prayer? What is the true motive behind the prayer? God knows what he is doing when he chooses to answer the prayers we pray. If we are looking to have the fanciest cars and the biggest homes, are we really asking for what Matters to the Lord? Nope - so this week I will look beyond the box and really focus my prayers and really review the motives behind them.

The way you LIVE matters to God! WOW do I need to really go over this? Basic Christian living is what matters to God, and I am sure I am not living the perfect life, but from day to day I ask for forgiveness from the Lord and I ask for direction as well.

The fourth is Your Faith Matters. With God all things are still possible. Craig says to continue to have the faith of a child, pure and simple. I thought this is a beautiful way of looking at how basic our faith should be, pure and simple like the hearts and minds of children.

God's Will Matters. If it is His will then it will be done. All things are left at the foot of the cross for the Lord and it is up to Him to do as He Will - basically let the Lord know that you have trust in Him. This is hard for many of us to do from day to day, especially in this hard world we live in and are trying to raise children in. It is hard to "Let Go and Let God!" But it must be DONE! So this week and hopefully this point forward I am going to try to "Let Go and Let God!"

Last was what matters most to God? Well You must have an HONEST relationship with God through Christ! Give it all up to Him and know that the Lord does not listen to sinners, but if you lay it all down for Him, he will know that you are walking with Christ.

As we move forward in the year I am blessed with many woman/mommy bloggers who are in it with me!

Todays post click below!

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January 10, 2010

Sunday Reflection

Reflection on the week behind me!
  • Prayer = Yes I did more of it - both in the minute and planned out time
  • Diet = Did better increased my workouts and watched the intake
  • Home = Did not do much on the end of keeping the home a better knit place
  • Relationships = Worked on those this week with a bit of a challange.

Goals for week ahead!
  • Prayer to increase it and make it more pin pointed for others and with much thanks
  • Diet to increase the water intake and increase the workouts - make healthier choices for lunch and breakfast
  • Home to work on keeping it more orderly and clean and doing much purging! Hey anyone want some toys!!!
  • Realtionship continue to work on these both family realtionships and external working relationships, they both need work.

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January 7, 2010

Thinking Thursday - reflection on 2009

As we said good bye to another year - I must say that we did a whole lot this year even though it seemed that we did nothing. You might question this statement by say what the heck is she talking about?  But it is so true, we as a family did lots and did not travel to far or spend a whole lot.

In 2009 we went on family hikes, more toward the end of the year, but we went pretty much every weekend.  Our youngest son was finally potty trained. Our oldest learned to play the recorder.  We started the year by traveling to NJ to see friends, traveled to local parks, the beach, family and friends and basiclly kept local till the end of the year where we traveled to Disney.

Between Cub Scouts, camps, VBS, Hikes, school productions, mommy starting a Job, Church and just being with eachother, I think that this past years was awesome.  And I am hoping for a better year to come.

Thinking of all the places we can go and do now that the little guy is potty trained.  It will be a great new year and I am looking forward to it.  I am looking forward to cooking healthy meals, working out more with the kids, loosing weight and watching us grow spritually as a family and not our waist lines.
Care to join me on the my weight loss journey? http://jromammafitness.blogspot.com/
Here is a blog about our hikes with more to come http://jennymac1974.blogspot.com/
and last but not least is my daily photo - ramdom shots from my life - http://jromamma365.blogspot.com/

May the lord bless you in the new year.

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January 6, 2010


Well we are back on track and in the regular routine again this week and I have to say it feels good and predictable and that is not a bad thing. Having a routine is a good thing for everyone in my family. As a mother you understand that if your children are off their routine, everything around them seems to crumble into pieces, and that is NOT good for all around them. With the holidays past us and the New Year here, we are getting back to our routines, but for me I am adding a few new routines (as I am sure many of us are).

Yesterday I added a fitness routine to my day, and I hope to continue it today etc. It felt good working out with the wii and I have to say I am getting pretty good a hula hooping! Adding a 1/2 a day for two weeks and then 45 minutes, working up to an hour of activity during the winter will be great. I also have to dust off the stationary bike and try to hop on that for 35 minutes every day. Isn't it said that after 21 days it becomes a habit? Well wish me luck in my new workout routine.

Onto my new routine with the Lord! I have carved out time to work on my physical being, now spiritual being. As I have been reading other blog post about resolutions and reconnecting with the Lord, I have seen that He is slapping me across the face with this. From an amazing sermon on Sunday all about Prayer to the following series of Blog Post

I AM ALL IN (to use a 2009 quote from church) ARE YOU?

Because I work in a ministry I have taken lead from our morning routine, which opens in prayer. Amazing that I can work in a place that allows and encourages prayer. During my day I have set time aside for prayer, and I continue to pray through the day as I think of people or come across something that is in need of prayer. I am also interested in how to pray and through the video sermon below I am sure the next two weeks will give me insight on how to communicate with the Lord and I am really looking forward to that.

This is from LifeChurch.tv a series on Prayer Everyone knows it’s important but not everyone knows how to do it. Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv. Craig, his wife, Amy, and their six children live in the Edmond, Oklahoma, area where LifeChurch.tv began in 1996.

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January 5, 2010

Parenting 201 -

Over the past few weeks so 8 year old son has wanted me to fix his stuffed animal "Lion" - she is a well loved baby that he has had since he was in my belly, and of course like any of our childrens babies they grow attached and then we are unable to replace it with a new one.  And not without trying.  Over the years I have stitched her tail, face, paws, back of her head, replaced the music box and I have made her clothes so her body stuffing would not fall out.  But she has gotten to a stage that I can not repair her anymore, even when asked.

So as parents we asked what do we do.  Our guy really loves her and wants to keep her but knows that she is falling apart, we thought up a few things but those ideas just brought up more issues with our over thinker.  So Troy went online and looked up to see if he could find a stuffed lion who was the same.  Remind you I have done this many times over the past few years and no luck for me.  Well he did find one or more like three online and I bid on one and purchased it about a month ago.

Now this is where it all get sticky.  As parents we try our best to be honest with our children, but we fail over and over again, from the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny to the biggy Santa!  We make up little fibs to make things appel to our children more and more, but are we hurting them?  Is it wrong?  I am not so sure it is yet.  I want my children to be children and to use their imaiginations and to be able to tell stories of their childhood and to remember the joy of knowing you knew nothing better then Christmas or Easter morning and how treats were left for you by some strange figure that your parents have never seen.  Still sounds fun to me.

Well here is the story.  We told trevor that there is a place that fixes doll, stuffed animals and bears, cause there is one in in Norwich CT, which is pretty close to us.  This place will take in a stuffed animal and in the same day restore that animal to almost new condition.  The look on his face was both of excitement and of fear.  He wanted to send her but did not want to be without her for just one night, totally understandable.  So we did not talk about it for a few days and he mentioned it to us a few time since.  This past weekend he was really intrested in getting this done, so we told him we would.

Yeasterday morning he tried to catch daddy before he left for work, but missed him by a few minutes.  Then today I was off from work so he had me bring her down to the doll hospital and his lion was "taken care of" and repaired.

Still not sure if we are doing the right thing or not, but tonight we will see.

If you look closely in these two photos you will see that Lion was not too far behind or away from Trevor!

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January 4, 2010

Monday Why Monday?

This morning started out with the phone ringing at 6:30 am with the announcement that school was delayed! Thank God! Because one more day home with these boys and I might loose it! Now we can start to get back to a normal routine, one that includes breakfast before 9:30 am and jammies off before noon!
It will be good to get back to a normal life, if you can call it that!

But now I have an added chore to my daily routine, one that I was planning with my New Year start and was confirmed by the Lord last night as we sat in church, PRAYER!

And would you believe that again this morning it was confirmed for me as I read one of the three blogs I follow each day. http://www.brookemcglothlin.com/2010/01/fresh-year-fresh-start-establishing.html

Last night we had a great video sermon on prayer and how to start communication with the Lord, examples of who prayed to God in the Bible and that no matter how small or insignificant that pray seems to you it does matter to the Lord! With that said to me last night I started my new daily task, that I pray becomes more of an un noticed habit then a chore, I prayed on the way home, I prayed for my children as they got tucked into bed, and prayed for my family as I fell asleep. So as I slowly wake up from my nyquill induced slumber, I continue my prayers for the day ahead.

I will share with you my prayer routine as I develop it because we each have different ways of communicating with the Lord, which way do you pray?
Where do you pray?
How long do you pray?
Feel free to leave your thoughts!

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January 2, 2010


This year we purchased a wii for the familii!
We will be working out as a family and I will be working out alone.
I will be building my fitness program and health goals over the next few weeks
and I hope to tell you all about it. 
If you have a wii - tell me what you did to get a real good work out?
Don't have one can you tell me what you do to work out?
Any great healthy dinner ideas? 
I would love to hear them and I will continue to share my food thoughts at http://wuz4dinnerbeach.blogspot.com/
and I am hopeing to gain more insight on good health family meal ideas.

For now I will say that my goal is 25 lbs down - I have done it before and I know I can do it again!

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Something Special Saturday - Starting new

We all say it "this year will be different!" But what do we really do to make it different? Every year I say to myself I am going to drop. 10 lbs, work out more, eat healthier, spend more time with my family, and give more of my time and more of my funds. Well looking back at last year I did accomplish a few things ~ I spent more time with my e mediate family, by hiking almost every weekend with my boys. We had some awesome hikes many were long some were short and all were growing experiences as a family.

Then I decided to give of myself more by volunteering. First by running a small group through our church, a new experience for me as a fairly new Christian. It was a great thing for me, allowing me to focus on giving to others I know and then as a group giving to people I do not know. We as a church were offered a few different volunteer opportunities and I chose Care Net as my focus and because of that choice my life changed dramatically. I started to give my time and then was hired for a job I was not looking for but LOVE!

As for losing weight and eating healthier, well I have not gained weight and we are having more home cooked meals and I am really exploring what I can do in the kitchen, both on a budget and a whim!

This year will be different! I will continue to do what I did last year but this year’s goals will now be set with others in mind, not just me. I am setting personal, family, faith based and work goals all this week. Hopefully they all intertwine to a perfect mix to allow my year be a blessing to all I am in touch with.

Good luck in the New Year and feel free to share a goal of yours with me, as I share mine with you over the next few days!