January 24, 2010

Monday's why Monday's

Have you ever wanted to just say "I quit!!"?

I am sure more than once in your life you have felt this way about something you are doing! Let me say right now I am not talking about my current employment, because I Love what I do and who I work with, I am speaking in general quitting!

Looking back as a child I am not sure that quitting was really an option, we were encouraged to try again or try harder next time if we felt like quitting. But as I moved into adolescence I really felt like quitting, the BIG old exit life thing. This was a very difficult time in my life, and there were many nights that I wanted to just die (quit)! Even cried out for help many times.

As I grew the social aspects of adolescence got better with time, but then the responsibilities of young adulthood started to really wear on me. I wanted to just quit, and go back to being a kid! Not an option! As college approached I was not ready to quit being a kid, so I stayed at home. My first year, worked, went to school and started to quit being a kid!

Off to college I went, moved on to campus, and quit being a teen and moved on to being a young adult! Kinda, as much as living with your peers will let you! Many days of long classes, too much drinking, projects, reading, no cash, etc I wanted to just quit again!

But I did not Quit! I stuck it out knowing I needed the education, and I graduated, found a job, apartment and moved out of state! I wanted to quit that job pretty quickly not because of the job, but because -I was in Love!

I did not quit that job, but somehow the job quit me! My life moved forward toward marriage and then children! Have I wanted to quit since then? Sure many times! I have wanted to quit my jobs, marriage, parenting, volunteer positions etc, but somehow through it all I manage. More now than ever I have been able to look back at all those difficult times and see that my life would be so much different if I QUIT!

Now being a Christian on my walk with the Lord, I see that all those times I was in need, I was supported the most and I did not quit!

Are there times in your life when you wanted to quit? Give up? Walk away from it all? But didn't and now you see why? Reflect on those times.

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