January 10, 2010

Sunday Reflection

Reflection on the week behind me!
  • Prayer = Yes I did more of it - both in the minute and planned out time
  • Diet = Did better increased my workouts and watched the intake
  • Home = Did not do much on the end of keeping the home a better knit place
  • Relationships = Worked on those this week with a bit of a challange.

Goals for week ahead!
  • Prayer to increase it and make it more pin pointed for others and with much thanks
  • Diet to increase the water intake and increase the workouts - make healthier choices for lunch and breakfast
  • Home to work on keeping it more orderly and clean and doing much purging! Hey anyone want some toys!!!
  • Realtionship continue to work on these both family realtionships and external working relationships, they both need work.

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