January 31, 2010

Painting to Cover it up

Yesterday I continued to paint my office. It's not that it needed to be painted, but the color that was there was not my style nor was the flower wallpaper boarder. For those who know me they know I am not a flowery person and even less of a pastel lover! So back to my office, which is in the basement of our building, it is a great space and I know it serves me well repainted or not, but change was needed.

With no natural light I had to remove the lavender painted peg board walls and the light brown panel board along with the purple and green flower wall paper boarders. My change is coming along slowly, as yesterday we finished the primer and started to paint the ceiling white as well! The change is good! And I am not the only one who is making changes in our office, we are painting the lobby, client rooms and office space! It is looking great.

So I was thinking, painting a room a new color allows us to change the mood of a room and offer new life in that space,but how do we just slap on a coat of Change in our lives?

How do we make changes that would allow our moods to change?

How can we provide a simple fix in our own personal lives that would be as mood altering as a coat of paint on the wall?

What could that fix be in our daily lives?

As we all entered the new year many of us made resolutions to make a change in our lives that would slap a coat of paint over the old stuff!  But is that coat of paint a healthy way of dealing with what we want to change?  Not in my life!

My goals for the New Year have gone a rye and today I start over again! I will not use a thick paint but maybe a clear coat that would allow the old to shine through! What will you do?

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