January 11, 2010

Monday, WHY Monday?

Last week I wrote about adding prayer to my daily routine and adding more of it!


I feel as though I had added more prayer, not all at once during the day but all different times of day and when the need for prayer arises. Also as I mentioned last week our church home is doing a three week series on Prayer, how cool is that? Not only are the women bloggers in my life writing about prayer, my church is supporting me in this new venture I have taken on. So Craig Groeschel is brought to our church via video and he started last week with the basics of prayer, this week he is asking us "Why Didn't God Answer My Prayer? Well we all have asked that question, right? I know I have. So Craig breaks down what matters to God when we are praying and how all those things effect your prayers to Him.

The first was Relationships - That one struck me right between the eyes yesterday when I was sitting in church because when I wrote my blog post in the am (church is at 4 pm) I told myself that I had to work on the relationships in my life, and not really knowing why, I made it something I had to do! So working on my relationships with those in my family, my church life, work life and beyond is something that matters to the Lord and it has to matter to me.

The second point that was made was that our Motives matter! Great point! Why are we asking for these things to happen? Who is going to be the receiver of the outcome of the prayer? What is the true motive behind the prayer? God knows what he is doing when he chooses to answer the prayers we pray. If we are looking to have the fanciest cars and the biggest homes, are we really asking for what Matters to the Lord? Nope - so this week I will look beyond the box and really focus my prayers and really review the motives behind them.

The way you LIVE matters to God! WOW do I need to really go over this? Basic Christian living is what matters to God, and I am sure I am not living the perfect life, but from day to day I ask for forgiveness from the Lord and I ask for direction as well.

The fourth is Your Faith Matters. With God all things are still possible. Craig says to continue to have the faith of a child, pure and simple. I thought this is a beautiful way of looking at how basic our faith should be, pure and simple like the hearts and minds of children.

God's Will Matters. If it is His will then it will be done. All things are left at the foot of the cross for the Lord and it is up to Him to do as He Will - basically let the Lord know that you have trust in Him. This is hard for many of us to do from day to day, especially in this hard world we live in and are trying to raise children in. It is hard to "Let Go and Let God!" But it must be DONE! So this week and hopefully this point forward I am going to try to "Let Go and Let God!"

Last was what matters most to God? Well You must have an HONEST relationship with God through Christ! Give it all up to Him and know that the Lord does not listen to sinners, but if you lay it all down for Him, he will know that you are walking with Christ.

As we move forward in the year I am blessed with many woman/mommy bloggers who are in it with me!

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