January 2, 2010

Something Special Saturday - Starting new

We all say it "this year will be different!" But what do we really do to make it different? Every year I say to myself I am going to drop. 10 lbs, work out more, eat healthier, spend more time with my family, and give more of my time and more of my funds. Well looking back at last year I did accomplish a few things ~ I spent more time with my e mediate family, by hiking almost every weekend with my boys. We had some awesome hikes many were long some were short and all were growing experiences as a family.

Then I decided to give of myself more by volunteering. First by running a small group through our church, a new experience for me as a fairly new Christian. It was a great thing for me, allowing me to focus on giving to others I know and then as a group giving to people I do not know. We as a church were offered a few different volunteer opportunities and I chose Care Net as my focus and because of that choice my life changed dramatically. I started to give my time and then was hired for a job I was not looking for but LOVE!

As for losing weight and eating healthier, well I have not gained weight and we are having more home cooked meals and I am really exploring what I can do in the kitchen, both on a budget and a whim!

This year will be different! I will continue to do what I did last year but this year’s goals will now be set with others in mind, not just me. I am setting personal, family, faith based and work goals all this week. Hopefully they all intertwine to a perfect mix to allow my year be a blessing to all I am in touch with.

Good luck in the New Year and feel free to share a goal of yours with me, as I share mine with you over the next few days!



Blogger Kaylene said...

I'm convinced that Carenet is one of the best ministries in existence today. I've taken the volunteer training and occasionally volunteer-- the more I'm a witness to what goes on and who is served there, the more convinced I am that the Lord's hand is in it in a BIG way. Anyways, all that to say-- you have an awesome privilege to be working for one!!

Some of my goals sound a lot like yours :) eating healthier, etc...

January 2, 2010 at 1:18 PM  
Blogger JRomamma said...

Kaylene - thanks I am blessed by Care Net! Keep reading for more of what I am going to change this year! God Bless

January 4, 2010 at 8:56 AM  

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