January 7, 2010

Thinking Thursday - reflection on 2009

As we said good bye to another year - I must say that we did a whole lot this year even though it seemed that we did nothing. You might question this statement by say what the heck is she talking about?  But it is so true, we as a family did lots and did not travel to far or spend a whole lot.

In 2009 we went on family hikes, more toward the end of the year, but we went pretty much every weekend.  Our youngest son was finally potty trained. Our oldest learned to play the recorder.  We started the year by traveling to NJ to see friends, traveled to local parks, the beach, family and friends and basiclly kept local till the end of the year where we traveled to Disney.

Between Cub Scouts, camps, VBS, Hikes, school productions, mommy starting a Job, Church and just being with eachother, I think that this past years was awesome.  And I am hoping for a better year to come.

Thinking of all the places we can go and do now that the little guy is potty trained.  It will be a great new year and I am looking forward to it.  I am looking forward to cooking healthy meals, working out more with the kids, loosing weight and watching us grow spritually as a family and not our waist lines.
Care to join me on the my weight loss journey? http://jromammafitness.blogspot.com/
Here is a blog about our hikes with more to come http://jennymac1974.blogspot.com/
and last but not least is my daily photo - ramdom shots from my life - http://jromamma365.blogspot.com/

May the lord bless you in the new year.

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