June 17, 2009

As we live a life or purity, honesty and integrity we learn to develop our discernment.

Discernment is the ability to determine the things of God from the things of the world, to tell the difference between good and evil.

Imagin that? I was reading this just a few hours after talking with another member of my church about the good and evil that is faceed by those of us who beleive we are believers in Christ -

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June 16, 2009


so these emails have been coming to my in box from rick warren and his church, this week they are geared toward fathers in honor of fathers day. Many of them I skim and then forward on to my husband. Does he read them I am not sure, all I know is that I have been searching for more for our family! Well you might reply "Aren't we all?" Yes we all are, but if I can not stir the hearts and minds of my own family, what am I doing wrong? Am I doing anything wrong? Not sure yet, All I know is that I want to add to my children's lives more prayer, more thankfulness, less selfishness, move giving and a general awareness of others in their community and their world.

IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK? It just might be when it comes to raising children in a world that is so materialist and media focused that it is hard to redirect them back to the needs of the world and not just their needs. Early last week I was in Manchester looking for a book at the christian book store, becoming one of my favorite places, even through I do not enjoy reading. So I was there and there was the Family 15 DVD and audio CD set that allows families to connected 15 minutes every week. WOW 15 minutes? Well it is 15 minutes of a dvd and then ideas for discussion and review of the week past. Teaching children how to pray for them selves and for others, and to review with their families the out come of their prayers, concerns and general thoughts.

So I bought this set and I have listened to the audio cd for parents. Sounds great and was very uplifting, but now I have to get my children on board and get them to open up now and feel comfortable opening up to us before they become teens. I know I do not want to be their friend, because that almost always never ends well on the parent child relationship. I just want them to know that we are here for them, that we care for them and we will always listen to what they have to share. Pray for me as I move forward with this family 15 program and see if it can and will be used in our home.

June 13, 2009

Trying hard to find the time to write about my relationship with God is becoming so much harder than the action. As I have written each day I go to work and come home I turn off the radio and have my 1/2 hour there and 1/2 hour back to just reflect on the day before - the day past or the day ahead. This is the time I pray, this is the time I thank the lord for providing what is needed in our home.

This is great time for me, time I feel I never had before having a job. Sure I had a job before, but never one where I feel that what we do every day is making a difference or an impact of the lives of others. And while at my past job I was not following the path laid before me by the lord. I was too worried about materialist things, and what we had to do in the short time we had as a family. This new position with a ministry is so much more rewarding emotionally the last was only rewarding financially. Not to say I did not love my last job, because I did, I am just in a different stage of life where I have different priorities.

This week along with working I was able to build in fellowship. I opened my home (huge step for me) to three women from church. Again these women were from all different stages in their relationship with the lord and different stages of the personal life. It was cool to just sip coffee with them and talk about what is weighing on us the most right now. I hope and pray I can open my home every other week to more people from church and beyond. This is a big step for me and I just need to remember that what I offer is my heart and mind not the appearance! I have said before our home is not perfect, not finished and not beautiful - but it is OURS and with the protection of the Lord, it will be one filled with love and fellowship.

So I am glad I could take this time to write this morning with children fighting, playing and making a mess in the other room, I know it is short lived and it might be days till I find the time again to write about my walk with the Lord. So I ask him now to guide me in my week ahead and guide me to do His work. - Amen

June 11, 2009

Snappy the Turtle I caught

Headed back into water!

The Boys and the Turtle
Caught it in the recycling bin!

June 4, 2009

Start of our weekend Trips

Doing the Work of the Lord

Since starting with Care Net - not just working but when I was volunteering, I have noticed more and more the people who are doing his work and his will are becoming more and more attacked by evil. The more I push through and raise funds, supplies or even talk about Care Net, I have more challanges to over come. Some are personal some are family, some have come in the form of conflict between my children and myself. But no matter how it appears, i just have to keep reminding myself that this too shall pass and that the Lord is walking with me on this path.

An expample of the Lord working, was just yesterday. We were all working at the center, had clients come in, returning and new. Typical day for us, however one of our client advocates was unable to come in because she was in so much pain, and it is cronic pain. I was late to the center because I needed gas and there is only one station close to home and not another closer to work. Then while there my boss started to have pains in her neck, (not your typical kid like pains LOL) but true pain where her neck was red and inflamed.

She called the doctor and he said he could see her in an hour and a half. So we all gathered around her and prayed over her, her skin was cool to the touch but but the time we finished each one of us had such warmth it just seemed amazing. We were also amazed because as we finished with an AMEN, the phone rang and it was pastor Mike, calling for Pati to see how she was doing. Nothing more than that, not returning a call but just out of the blue calling to see how she was doing. This is God working to overcome the evils that try to stop us from doing the lords work.

So today as I move forward I pray for Pati and I pray for all those doing the Lords work, and that the Lord will guide them down the right path, and protect them on their journey.

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June 3, 2009

rambleings on wednesday AM

Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. (Psalm 119:133)
Yup here I go again with the foot steps and the path - Everyday this week I have been helped in my path. I have held my tounge, held back my anger and held back my fist. Sure there were times this past weekend that I did not do all three. And all three hurt me right back, I even weeped for what I had done. As many might or might not have noticed I am beyond my normal emotional train wreck. Seems as though this past week has been high challange time between me and evil powers that be.

My tounge has hurt more than I have wanted it to, but the lord has helped me keep it tamed at moments when I thought I would spit firey words.

June 1, 2009

since working

I have been reminded how much I am working to do the will of the lord and how God is doing his will though us! But I have also been reminded that there are forces that are trying and are pushing though on those who are in the Army of the lord.

Since walking with the Lord I have been handed many challenges to deal with and many I think I will never get though. But I keep doing his will and his work and know that I will have to fight many a fight to get to the next stepping stone on my path.

I keep pushing through I keep knowing that I am doing the right things for the right reasons, and that I will rewarded in the end when judged in front of the Lord.

I have been handed pain on a platter, I have been handed fear, hurt, sadness, disbelief, temptations, greed and so much more. But when I stop to think I have been shown healing, faith, guidance, truth and clarity. My year past has been a very hard one, full of things I wished I had never done, said or thought. But in return I have been given many gifts so many I can not run a list, but know I have been blessed when I Needed to be Blessed.

In this past year I have learned to ask for less and be thankful for more. I have learned to be grateful more and less expectant. I could go on and on about how my year has gone, but now I need to continue to pray for those who need my prayers and those who are in need of all prayers. From our church leaders to the government officials. Teachers to students. Travelers on the roads and in the air. We need to pray for those in pain and those who feel that they are lost, allow them to know that their is one or more people praying for them.

I continue my prayers for unborn children, and their mothers and that the doctors and counselors are guiding them in the right directions. as my fingers type I see that I am rambling but need to stop and allow my brain to ramble and ramble to God the lord of all.