January 21, 2010

Thinking Thursday - MONEY?

Last night and today really got me thinking about money and the true desire to have more of it!

I was looking for a prayer request website and there was this one that would not allow me to post my prayer request without donating money, because they said without giving it all up to the Lord, he will not answer my prayers! WOW

So I was thinking about what is money and what does it really bring us? Not much.

We work harder for more money. We spend more time away from our families for MORE money. We give up more just getting More Money.

If I could lay it all down before the Lord and ask him to protect me and provide for my family I would gladly volunteer each day of my life for the Crisis Pregnancy Center where I work! I would give all the hours I could without Pay - If the Lord would provide for us.

Looking at where my husband and I have been with finances, we have done a 180 degree turn in our lives. From being young and having two full time good paying jobs, a rented apartment and no children and no car payments. We lived high off the hog!

But we did not have faith in the LORD. Now we have two children, two mortgages, four cars, and lots of debt, and 1.5 paying jobs. We have faith and trust in the Lord, and still I feel as though I owe Him more.

I know I am not giving everything I have to Him, but I know I have to change what and how I give to the Lord, and in return He will provide for us. So where does money come in? Well Money is what is needed to make things work in this country. We as Americans need more money, more debt, more cars and fancy things, but is this how He wants us to live? NO!

As a family we are trying to get back to basics, and to teach our boys that having everything is NOT EVERYTHING. Having faith and trust in the Lord is everything we need to be successful and Loved in this world, even if society tells us otherwise. As a family we have made little changes to teach our boys about money and what their needs really are. Not sure how we are doing as parents but as always we are doing the best we can.

Do you have any tips on how to talk to your children about money or finances? I would love to hear them.
Click here for some good tips on how to talk with your children about $$ from http://www.athealth.com/

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