January 8, 2009

Our Year in Review!

In 2008 Trevor has worked on his swimming skills with many lessons advancing to level II, a huge change from a year ago! Cub Scouting has been a big part of our lives again this year, from earning his tiger badge ~ to Trevor & Mommy both attending Cub Scout Summer Camp, where we both learned so many new things. We both liked camp craft, the songs, fishing, Archery and how to shoot a BB Gun ~ All of which Trevor excelled in.
Trevor graduated 1st grade and has moved on to 2nd grade this fall, all is going quite well. He has also grown plenty this year, lost many teeth, burned through the knees of his pants and soles of his shoes, always a great eater and we are sure he will be over 6 feet tall by 10 years old! YIKES

Dylan also went to Cub Scout Camp with us, he also attend two sessions of vacation bible school, both of which he enjoyed to the fullest. Dylan went off to preschool this fall, he enjoyes it and loves all his new friends. His class has already visited an apple orchard, Pumpkin Farm and has had many community visitors visit the school. Just recently he performed in his first school show, it was not Broadway, but he was so excited and we were so proud! He has also overcome his fear of being in the pool by taking a class this fall, now he wants to go all the time.

Would you believe that this year we planted our very first garden and enjoyed its fruits “veggies” this fall. The Boys Loved to see how each plant grew and how they tasted! Next year we plan to have a larger one and earlier too!!

Our summer was spent at local parks, many beaches, lakes and playgrounds with our friends. As a family we visited Providence, local fairs, a few children’s museums in Connecticut and took great day trips with packed lunches! Our travel was mainly local, due to gas prices, but we had lots of excitment riding in our Jeep with the top off, daddy Loves to go off road with it!
This Fall we visited a few apple orchards, a pumpkin patch and did plenty of trail walking, they boys love to find things on our nature walks. We also visited Bakerwoods, a great petting farm, more than enough times, but it is always fun.

As for Troy & I we are always busy with the house, much of which has been put on hold to enjoy our family time. This year three new windows, more new siding, a pellet stove were added and much work on other rooms in our 1775 cape! Troy also built a small 12X12 cabin for the Boys, but it has become his hideout as well, I call it “MAN TOWN”. While out there Darts is the game of choice, but while in the house we all love to play foosball, of which Trevor is becoming a Pro. This summer Troy also worked hard to get our 1954 Dodge Meadowbrook on the road and able to hold all four of us, i.e. installing seatbelts! We took a few trips and one car show down in Manchester CT!
This has been a busy year and I am sure the 2009 will continue to be a busy one for our family. We are glad we get to spend time with our friends and our families, but most of all we are glad we get to spend time together. For those close we hope to see you often, and for those of you far, we hope we see you soon. God Bless you in the new year!