December 29, 2009

Little Debbie Cupcakes Arrived!

Alright folks this afternoon we came from from a somewhat successful outting to the local S-Mall and to my wonder and delight we found a box full of little debbie cupcakes!

What a great treat for my boys who are on sugar overload already - but neither on of them have ever had a little debbie cupcake and truely enjoied every last crumb.


tuesday -

Looking for inspiration?
No really I am looking for something to write about - after a week long run of food and children I am flat out of ideas.  I could write about my son turning 8
I could write about our trip to disney
I could write about the amazing christmas story that should be the focus of the season.
But in all I can not focus on one thing to write.

So here I sit looking at the Christmas tree and relaxing.  I love knowing that there is NO deadline to take it down, as we have the most amazing fake tree.  Lights twinkle and there are still gifts below it just make it all seem as if chirstmas will be here again in a week. But as we all know it will be another year till this amazing season sparks up again.

This week with the children and with my DH - has made see that they are all such great individules.  Each one has their strong points and their pickie uini things about them that drive me bonkers.  But this week has given us a chance to bond as a family, and to really spend time together.  Some good and some not so good, but in all we have spent time as a family together.

Tention between my DH and I has been high, but it is normal for us when we are stuck in the house together for a long time.  I feel bad for him as he goes crazy if he has nothing to do, and it drives me bonkers to see him like that.  But tomorrow he will back at work and given his well deserved break from the family.  Then onto a long weekend of friends and more family time.  Lets see how we survive the upcoming week.

December 28, 2009


Well today is our son's 8th birthday, and I have to say that it is truely making me feel old.  I am not sure how it makes my DH feel but for me I am really looking back and feeling like it was yesterday.  It seemed as if just a few months ago I was holding this helpless bundle of baby.  I would say small bundle but he was far from small.  He was 8.15 and 22.5 inches long.  He was due to enter the world on December 16th and desided to make his debut on the 28th of December, and for that I feel as though I have been waiting for him everyday since. 

I know I had mentioned that a week or two ago that I was waiting, but this seems to be a different type of waiting, an antisipation of the birth of a child

December 15, 2009


I need to wake up!

I need to be refreshed.

I am in need of a spiritual upheaval.

Have you ever felt that way around the holidays?

We all get excited just before the Thanksgiving holiday and then we start to fizzle and falter a week before the BIG Day (Christmas)!

But I was thinking whose DAY is it anyways?

Does Christmas belong to the children of the world with the eyes wide open looking for some amazing happenings around them? Children have a great way of looking at the world, well at least mine do. My children are self focused and making their lists of what they "WANT" for Christmas, they are finding new items to ask "Santa" for every morning. I look at them and wonder was I like that? Was I full of wonder of what the world brought me that day, was I always looking out for me and what I wanted now? As a mother I wonder why they are so self focused. Why do they always look for the next thing that they feel is due to them? Then I am brought back to earth by my DH who reminds me that they are children and children are supposed to be one step ahead of themselves when it comes to what they want. Especially in this culture that they are being raised in, they look beyond their NEEDS and really focus on what they "WANT"!

Ok so what happens when we grow up and become adults?

Ok when most of us "Grow Up"!

When does that switch over happen when we stop focusing on our own needs and start to care about the needs of others?

When do we start to see that Christmas is not just about ONE DAY, but about giving to others EVERYDAY?

When is there a switch?

Is there ever a switch?

Does this happen to all of us or just those who are faithful servants of the Lord?

And even the faithful; can have the wrong objectives when it comes to giving to others, right?

Is Christmas for Adults? I am not sure it is when it comes to the commercial holiday. As adults we tend to dread Christmas and all the hassles it brings us, and in all we lose sight of what Christmas really means to us a Christians. We dread the messes, the family time, the bills, the time off and lose focus on the meaning of Christmas. So whose holiday is this?

We MUST Wake up and refocus, reconnect and refresh, and as we have started to say at Care Net Pregnancy Center of NECT...


We have started to use Breath as our saying for 2010; we have looked to the word to refocus ourselves, reconnect with our goals and to refresh ourselves when we lose it. I will focus on BREATHING in 2010, but before that I will WAKE up and start to BREATH before Christmas.

Remember that this Christmas is not OURS; it all belongs to Jesus, for he is the reason for the season and each day of the year. Refocus yourself with one week to go. Reconnect with your families and children and refresh yourself before that day arrives.

Now I would like to ask you ~ what word would you use to focus yourself this Christmas season?

What are you going to do to Refocus, Reconnect or Refresh yourself and your family?

WAKE UP and take in some RRR

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Great Give Away with Walt Disney Records and a Fellow Bloggin Mommy

In my house? Nothing! My kids love Disney Music! All of it! Even my husband and myself are FANS!

Disney is offering "Sounds For Every Stocking" this holiday season, great CD's to fill up your kids stockings with and music to fill your house with smiles.

Check out her link for more info on this amazing giveaway


I AM Waiting!!!!

Inspired by my morning

How we wait,  and wait for many things in life, we wait for friends, birthdays and the bathroom. We wait in line at the store, we wait for many people and things. Many Americans are impaitient and will not wait too long.

As Christians we wait too! We wait for things to change, we wait for a sign, we wait for the savior and at the holidays we wait for Christmas to get here!

Many times we forget that with waiting comes disappointment and discontent, we are not so much waiting as we might be expecting. Expecting that things will change because we prayed for the change, rather than waiting for the Lord to guide us to the change needed in our lives.

In this very troubling economic time where so many "good", even "great" and faithful servants of the Lord are loosing their jobs and can not find even a simple income, it becomes all to clear that waiting and expecting will blend together for many.

We as a society of Christians need to refocus and get back to waiting for the Lord to guide us on the path to His Heavenly Kingdom, rather than expecting Him to drawn the path in the dirt before us!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

December 14, 2009

Monday WHY Monday??

Had a pretty good weekend but

December 10, 2009

Thinking Thursday

Yesterday left me thinking
Yes todays post is Thinking Thursday but it really left me wondering.
As I watched my boys play together on their nice day off from school, because of snow, I could see that they are growing up.  Bit by bit they are becoming friends.  Building a relationship with one another that goes beyond anything Ihad with my own brother.  I know a brother brother bond is so much different then any other type of sibling bond, and for this I am glad they have something I never did ~ this type of bond.

As I awoke still resting in bed, because they are good kids and they can entertain themselves for a while, I could listen in on their conversation with one another.  They were playing some game where one was the leader and the other had to follow.  Not always a good thing, but it does teach them to take turns in the roles they will play now and in their adulthood.  They played well with oneanother for a while, and it was just nice to sit and listen, not having to get up and break them apart.  They were getting along, what more could I ask?

Over the past few months my husband and I have seen great changes in both boys and how they respond to one another and how they act toward eachother, and yesterday was no different in how it pleases me to see such amazing changes in children, MY CHILDREN.

So today I was thinking (Thursday) what amazing changes have you seen in your children or in your self over the past few months?

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December 9, 2009


Wake up! WAKE UP??

Today was one of those days where I just knew before anyone awoke that there would be no school. Expecting the unexpected. Weather is always one of those little things in life we cannot expect, because as Mark Twain put it "If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes." And here I am living in New England. I cannot remember the last time there was a fair amount of snow before Christmas, let alone a white Christmas.

Expecting the unexpected in weather is normal. But is it when it comes to us awaiting the coming of the Lords Child Jesus Christ? I am not sure? It seems as though we all wait for this amazing day and share so much leading up to it both monetarily and spiritually. We prepare our homes and hearts for this birthday, more then any other day of the year, but what are we expecting? Are we anticipating too much? I guess it all depends on what your expectations of Christmas are. If you are trying to tone down your monetary giving and increase your spiritual gifts, then your expectations of Christmas should be on target. If you are out spending what you do not have, racking up debit, buying way to many things for many people, some of whom you see only once a year and in general your priorities are getting away from what is being asked of us by God.

The Lord is asking us to give of ourselves, our hearts and our talents. Give till it hurts. Sacrifice of yourself this Christmas season, this does not mean with money, give whole heartedly and spiritually. Go beyond the box of normal giving. The few days before Christmas, I would like to pack up toys and bring them to the local Children’s hospital for those who are not going to be home this year. Then, the week after Christmas I am looking into packing up toys with my boys and bringing them to a few local charities. I am going to pack up clothes, sweaters and other items to give as well. I also have a new year’s plan to do this type of giving drive three times a year, not just when it is needed. I have a plan of action to give more this coming year, which is big, because I did the same thing last year. In another entry I will write about some of the local giving opportunities there are as well as some national programs you might be interested in.

Start Simple. Look Locally and From the Heart.

What is your plan?


December 8, 2009

Truthful Tuesday 12/8/09

I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

With the Advent Season here we as Christians are thinking and celebrating the Birth of Jesus.  This time of year really makes me look back at the year past and reflect on how much things have changed and yet how much they have stayed the same, much of this has to do with the Family Christmas Card or Letter I write each year.  You all know the one I am talking about, the one that goes on and on about how awesome our lives are and how much the children have done this past year.  Details that most people care little about, unless you are family or very close friends.  Well  again this year I sat up writting this little two page newsletter, that seemed not much different from last, but they will go out in the mail to those we love.

So as things change and things stay the same, I reflect on so much more and way beyond just this past year.  I want to look back at the Birth of Jesus and how much he gave to us in his short years here on earth.  I am in awe of what this Man of flesh and bone did for us through his heavenly father, the more I read the more I see what Love was shown in such a sort life.  There was so much Love from his placement in Mary womb, to his birth and beyond, it is so hard for me to wrap my brain around it.  And yet we continue to celebrate His birth each year as if it was the first time. 

I am looking forward to Christmas this year, having time with my family.  Spending less money and focusing more on what we can do together.  Talking about the Christmas Story seems to be a great way to pull our boys out of their shells, asking them questions about Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Asking them what it means to celebrate Christmas, and why they believe what they do believe.

What questions do you ask your children?
What kind of responces do you get?
What questions do your children ask you?

God Bless and don't forget to write your Chirstmas Cards!

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December 6, 2009

MONDAY WHY Monday? Review of a Tough Weekend

Tough weekend!
This statement is a total understatement!  Beyond being rainy overcast and then cold and snowy our weekend was TOUGH!  Seemed as though we were cooped up in the house with little to do except watch the wallpaper peel.  Oh you laugh but check out the photo and to the left is peeling wallpaper! 

Ok well that is not all we could do around the house, but with all the gloomy weather it was just hard enough to get motivated.  I did a few crafts with the kids, but can not say what they are as they are gifts for people who might be reading this blog. *wink* ~ but that crafting only took up a bit of time and it seemed that the rest was spent trying to stop the boys from rough housing so much that they would get hurt or break things around the house.  I could have seen the tree topple many times, with the amount of rough housing there was, and still surprised it did not!

Friday night was spent getting our H1N1 flu shots, eatting a weird shaped Candy "Bacon" Cane Pizza and watching the movie "UP".  This movie was not the "Up"per we thought it might be, but it still had a deep plot and a wonderful message.  The boys watched it completely which is rare because we almost always loose the youngest!
Saturday afternoon was spent on a visit to Santa (thinking this is the last year)!  WHY?  Well because there are so many children who are friends with my two boys who have told them that he is not the real deal and well honestly Troy never really liked the idea that I kept it going year after year.  But how can I take it away from Dylan (4) who still believes right now?  SO again this might be the last year for "Santa".   :-(
Saturday night was spent out for a drive in the beautiful New England Snow.  Something we have loved to do with our guys since they were babies.  Even going out to dinner in the middle of a snow storm, when all others did not dare.  It is just so amazingly beautiful to drive in the snow.  So after a mini drive in the snow looking at holiday lights, we ventured to Friendly's for a small dinner treat.  Home again in the snow and another day DONE!
Sunday morning came quickly, but lucky for us 4pm is the service time for Church.  The Snow had stopped and the boys all needed to get their butts wet in the snow and got sledding and build a snowman. Troy captured this amazingly small but solid snowman shot, buttons and all. 

Unlucky for kidos as I had had it with them by 2!  Sometime I love winter and other times I just want to throw it out the window.  3:35 came and I rushed to shower and get both boys to church.  Leaving the 36 year old at home because of poor timing on OUR behalf.   I feel bad but there was just no way to make it to church for all of us, plus I know there was a need for some space away from eachother (like I said tough weekend).  I will have to set a timer for next week so we can all go to church!
I am glad the boys went to church and this is what made my whole weekend.  When sitting at the dinner table we asked the boys to tell us what they had learned while at Church and in their respective classes.  Both replied that they learned about the Angel that come down from the Stars and told the Shepards to follow the star to the "King of Kings"!  Trevor went as far as to explaine how Mary was Jesus' mother, but that God was his father and Joseph took him in as his own son.  Dylan told us how the Angels came and told everyone about baby Jesus being born soon.  Beyond the sugar cookies from KidMo and Little K - the boys were well behaved for the rest of the night.  I too was given a great sermon on Joseph and can not wait to share it with you online.
Tough weekend? YES! 
Could it have been worse?  Sure it could have been, but as I see it the weekend was Tough but productive, boring and yet it seemed to bring us together in some ways. 
Hopefully the next two weeks will not be as though, but I am sure they will be.

Have a good week and Join me as I count down to Disney, produce some more fun kid craft gifts and really focus on listening to the Lord and replying ~ "Yes Lord!" 

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December 5, 2009

This past five days of Photo Challenge

Great website / Blog and a wonderful photo contest.
Check out my First five days of entries at


December 3, 2009

Focus on Friday ~ Give More?


What?? Yesterday You told us to Spend Less?
If we spend less how do we give more?

EASY! ~ Give what the Lord gave to us, he gave of himself.   He gave us his love and hope. Spend Less $$ on physical things and Give More of yourself. Give more of your time, talents and LOVE.

If you have children spend more one on one time with them. Sit and color with them, help them read a book, play a board game whatever it is you both like to do together do it! Turn off the television and play! Who as an adult does not like to sit and play with Lego’s?

We as a family like to get in the car, grab some cheap gas station snacks and drive around Northeastern CT to look at other peoples Christmas lights! It is time spent together - with spending very little.

If you do not have young children try taking in a movie with older children and then sitting down at Friendly's afterward to talk about it. Good bonding time and sweet ice cream too!

Why not visit an older relative or a nursing home, with or without the children in tow. Play a game of cards, read with or to them or just sit and listen to them, many elderly do not get visitors around the holidays and love to share their stories with those who will listen.

Give More of your time!

Give More of your Heart!

...and in the end you will get so much back that you were not even looking for.

Tell us how you plan to give more of yourself this holiday season or even in the New Year!

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Thinking Thursday - Think you need to spend more this Christmas?


The Advent Conspisity says SPEND LESS!  Ahhhh yeah easy to say to the the parents!  But hard to chew for the children espeically Our boys.  Over the past few years we have spent less and with the ecomony the way it is, this year is NO different.

This year we will focus on hand made gifts, Special Cards, Photos in frames of the boys.  Baked goods, drawings or hand made tree decorations.  I love to sew and crochet, so I have started to make a few things for our neices, sister in law etc.  They may not be perfect but I made them. I saw these ideas online and wanted to share them with you: 

1.  Instead of lots of big presents on one day, give a child (or adult child) twelve small fun "dollar store" gifts, one for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. This is especially nice for folks who live far from each other (you can send them all in one box and then open one a day). Opening a gift each day is fun no matter what's inside!

2.  check out these sites

3. But the basics are:
    popicicle stick framed photo tree trimmings
    Tounge Depresser Santa or Raindeer
    Jars full of cookies
    pipe cleaner candy canes
    soup in a jar
    fleece non sew blankets
    photo and drawing in a frame matted you can place your childs Name and the date
    No Sew Pillows

4. Have a good friend do not know what to get her?
I thought of this after being asked over twitter what to get a friend: I said a Tote filled with the 12 days of Christmas Beauty.  Simple things like nail polish, nail files, hand/foot cream, spa socks etc.  12 Small items labeled for the 12 days after christmas and Fun for her to open each day.

And Many More and if you have please share - I would love to know how you are cutting back this holiday season?  Send me a link or idea!

Few last ideas that hit me as I was trying to sleep last night,
1. When making a meal, make some extra and bring it to a neighbor or friend who is alone during the holiday season.
2. Take Hubby out to dinner and get a sitter time and money well spent.
3. Give a babysitting certificate to a friend so they can go out on a cheap dinner date.
4. Make a dinner in exchange for Babysitting for your In-Laws.

Share them if you got them.

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December 1, 2009

WAKE UP WEDNESDAY - Worship Fully during Advent and Beyond


Wake up and Smell the Coffee / Tea whatever you enjoy in the AM and see that this Christmas we as Christians can make Christmas Count!

WHat? YeAH really, WE can Make Christmas ~ CHRISTMAS!

We can change the world with one simple day! Well maybe not with the day it’s self but the thought of that one amazing day over 2000 years ago! Sunday started the Advent season and so I have been trying to talk with the boys about Advent and what it means. So far it is not going very well with them.

One even asked me if this was like Chanukah? WHAT? Not really! I am kinda aware of what Chanukah is, because as a child I studied plenty about Chanukah (most of the community I grew up in was Jewish). But Advent is not like Chanukah (a celebration YEs, but different)! I explained that it is the waiting and anticipation of the coming of the Nativity of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior!  I can say those things to the boys because they do have an understanding of what I am talking about in their own childish way. (Thanks to KIDMo/Little K Staff)

So back to how we as Christians can try and Make Advent and Christmas more about CHRISTMAS! The Advent Conspiracy they talk about Worship Fully - Praising God for giving us his only son Jesus. Come let’s face it Advent is one heck of a Birthday party for one GUY! One amazingly beautiful being who gave his all for us, so we can live our lives to the fullest and glorify him each day.

Joseph being warned by an Angel in a dream,

to flee Bethlehem - Rembrandt 1645

Let us remember to celebrate and give to others what we can through worship! Let us wake up in the morning and go to bed at night remembering all that has been given to us. I say instead of cookies let worship by baking a Birthday Cake and celebrating HIS birth!

Tomorrow I will reach day three of Advent with the boys, hopefully they will be more receptive to what I have to say and do with them.

Any thoughts on what your traditions will be or want to share what you are doing for Advent beyond the Advent Calendar?  SHare what you will be doing to WORSHIP FULLY now and beyond Advent!

Here are a few more web sites on some cool ideas to share for Advent and the celebration of and anticipation of the Nativity of Jesus Christ!

I Love this site - one of many great sites for women and moms and this blog entry in particular is full of craft ideas for all ages check her out


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Truthful Tuesday - Advent Style

Wanna hear the truth? NO?

Well neither do I ~ but last year made an impact on me and I in turn made an impact on my family. Last year at Christmas Time I was not yet, what I would call, a Christian.

Was I a believer in the Lord? YES

Was a Follow of Christ? Nope not yet.

I was close but I was not able to say to everyone I met in my daily life, that I believe that the Lord gave us Jesus (his only son) to take away all our sins. I was unable to believe that the Lord was my savior as well and that if I were to be true to him and what he is teaching us as Christians I would be given ever lasting peace with him in heaven. But NOW I CAN with my head held high.

But last year our church SPCC was entering the Advent season with a program called the Advent Conspiracy. An amazing concept / idea - but hard for an almost Christian mother of two materialistic boys. It was hard to make changes but with each year we get through the easier it will be right?

Advent Conspiracy wants the following:

[Worship Fully]

[Spend Less]

[Give More]

[Love All]

Again this year I am going to try and put these four ideas into play here at the Roberts Rock Farm and I would love for you to check out their sight and tell me how you are going to End the Advent Conspiracy!

Tomorrow I will talk about Worshiping Fully!
Thursday Spending Less
Friday (Focus on Giving MORE)
Saturday Loving All

UPDATE - This AM Advent Day 3 I asked the boys to tell one another one kind thing about the other! Trevor(7) told Dylan(4) that he "was a good brother and fun."

Dylan told trevor "I like when you play with me" (very honest)

I decribed each boy in a postive light and detailed their talents. In all it was a truthful AM!

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