November 1, 2020

Your home

 Sunday morning writing.

This is an old picture of our house from 2008ish... we've made more improvements since it was taken, we've added solar, new septic, finished a master bedroom, created a dinning room and have so much more to do.

Oh the joy of owning an old home. There is always something to do, to work on inside or out. Week after week, day after day there are projects to start and complete. 

Just like people, a house needs different types of love as it gets older. Love that will help the inside as well as the outside.

It's not all cosmetic, much of the work is for support and maintenance. The love keeps it standing and is not always done to make others love it, but to keep it from falling into disrepair. Maintain your home, but maintain your relationships too. Both will crumble to its foundation without love, sweat and tears. 

Please, allow others to help with the maintenance, but be guarded by those who want to rip down a wall and let the storm in.

Houses are built to keep us warm, dry and sheltered from the weather. Homes are built to help us weather the storms that life throws at us, by providing a safe place, providing support and love, through all our emotional storms.

As winter arrives, be aware of what your home needs, don't fall behind on its maintenance. Be prepared (yes my love of  scouting comes into play here) make a list of what is needed to survive this winter, be aware that many areas of the home will need attention and divide your time and love accordingly. Fill your home with love, warmth, nutrition and laughter.

Remember some projects will need more time and money  than others, some will be small simple fixes, while others can't be done alone and require a professional opinion.

Don't be afraid to tackle major home improvements but be realistic on the expected outcome. Try not to be quick to frustration or anger, even though it is easier said than done, while working on your home. When working on your home, big emotions will come and go, but stay the course it can worth it in the end. It might be easier to throw your hands up and walk away, but that will create more issues when you finally return.

It might seem easier to find a new house, but the grass is not always greener in someone else's  yard. Maintain your house and maintain your home. Let it be your safe place this winter, as we all fight the storms of 2020 and beyond.

March 21, 2020

Today's on going project

Today is my first day without the boys home.  They have been home all summer long, except a few trips and a week at camp. It has been a great summer and we had started a few family projects. One being the bar being built by my husband and my son. They worked long and strong for a few weeks and we have even created a really cool bar top made with bottle caps. Over the past few months people have been asked for their unique bottle caps and I will be using them in our top. 

Today's project is courtesy of my husband co worker. He has been asking people for caps, and one of them collected a small zip lock baggie of them.

February 19, 2011

Maple Soy Glazed Salmon

My latest from my food Blog - wuz4dinnerbeach


February 2, 2011

Broiled tilapia parmesan -

March 31, 2010

WIPA'S Story - Thailand - Redeemed Series

March 31st, 2010 by Kristi Stephens

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Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International will be sharing amazing posts with us during the Redeemed series– I pray you will join us and be changed through it!

Wipa’s Story


Wipa’s family: a deceased mother, a monk father, one older sister, and a young daughter. When her older sister was diagnosed with cancer, it was Wipa’s job to provide for her family’s food as well as her sister’s treatments. There were no jobs and no source of income in her home town.

She traveled to the city, looking for jobs. She found a job as a waitress but to her horror was soon forced to engage in prostitution. She hated it and despised herself—but compromised, desperate ... (story continues)
READ MORE HERE at Kristi Stephens Website

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