February 3, 2010

wake up wednesday!

Really this week seems to drag!
From a child waking up at 2 am and dumping legos on the rug,
because he thought it was time to wake up (6:00 am)!  Which on
a regular school day he would sleep in till 7 am and then be slow slow
Nope not yesterday!

I am also kinda sick of making peanut butter and ham sandwiches at
7:15 am every day, and then for those same sandwiches to come
home and be eatten at 4:45 and then not eatting dinner! 
WHat is up with that?
Why do I bother to make him lunch?

Small things I guess in the whole picture of life, but to me they seem
to drive me crazy.

Like trying to figure out the brain and thought process of the men in my
house, reminder I am out numbered 3/1

The things that the three of them do drives me bonkers and most of it is
because I can not relate to the brain or thought process of the MALE! 
So why try now?
I guess I need to just WAKE UP!



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