February 19, 2010



This week gave me a deeper look into the life of a mother, not only my own life but a few other mothers in my life too. As I traveled through my busy week I encountered a few moms who had to make choices.

This First was that of the teen mother, one I do not and will not ever know, my biological mother. Through the book I am reading I have started to connect more and more with her thoughts and the idea of loss. Now to most of us bringing up loss of a loved one might be hard to swallow, but for me it is a healing process. This book is a great insight into the loss I might have suffered as an infant, child and teen, because I was adopted at birth. I am not finished with the book yet, so I will hold off on more details, but know this one thing, "I feel the loss of her as a positive thing, and a pain that will not and cannot just go away".

The Second mother I encountered this week is a hard working mom and wife. She does not get a pay check for her endless love of volunteering and endless love of many just causes, but her pay comes with having time with her (and her husband’s) adopted child. However this week a breaking point was reached with all her commitments and she had to say enough is enough. It was a hard point to get to, but unlike many of us she was able to see that something had to give, and it was not going to be her 3 year old precious child. For me to see another mother at her breaking point really put it into FOCUS ~ that we as mothers are NOT superhuman nor are we there to do it all.

Yet another mother I encountered this week, I never even saw in the flesh. Just by going to the library with my own children and running into the sitter with my friends’ children, I learned that sometimes it is OK to ask for help, epically when you are run down, sick or just plain old over stressed out. I am not sure at what point this mom was at, but it was Awesome to see her reaching out.

As mothers we all have to get to a point when we say enough is enough, we all need to ask for help and look into the faces of other mothers for the right support. This week has given me a FOCUS on motherhood that can many times get very very blurry.



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