February 5, 2010

Focus on Friday

This week has been crazy busy, I am not going beyond my hours at work it just seems like there is more work to be had.
I love what I do but find it hard sometimes to stay focued on the prize!
What is the prize in the world of Non-Profit Ministry?
Well nothing!  OK OK not true, the prize is knowing each day you wake up is a gift from the lord!  Each day is a new adventure and new challange.  I am currently working on so many projects that my head spins.  From a Banquet, baby bottle campaign, Golf Tournement, Hike for Life, Movie Showings and a maketing plan just to name a few, and all done in under 20 hours a week!  REALLY!!! 

My job in this ministry is Much like parenthood, there is much work in parenting and we all struggle to find our daily reward.  But we wake up each morning to a wake up call that sounds a little like this "I WANT JUICE!!"  a simple demand from a child so early in the morning can really jar you, and make you want to crawl deeper into the covers.  However they already know you are there and there is no escape route.  So you get up make the kid a cup of juice and move forward in the day.

All while you stay FOCUSED  on the Prize.

I love being a mother of two.
And I love my job as a director of development in a non-profit ministry. 

Both are rewarding and both allow me to see the fruits of my lobor, all while not beeming on the new found prize.  But they allow me to sit back and see what has been accomplished.  They allow me to know I have tried my best and sometimes the best shows through while other times it goes un-noticed. 

Have a great weekend.

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Blogger Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Girl, how did I not realize you work at a CPC? I feel completely clueless. Our CPC just hired a Director of Advancement. In my previous life I was the Community Relations Director for a different sort of non-profit. Anyway, how awesome!! And forgive me for being so slow ...

February 5, 2010 at 3:14 PM  

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