February 25, 2010

Thinking Thursday - Innocence and Childhood

Today I got to thinking - ie thinking thursday, so I was thinking could be better than being innocent and pure?

I think I have touched on this before, but when you really sit back and watch children in the middle of play it makes me want to be a child again just to have that feeling of nothing important to do except play and play hard. Their minds are going 100X faster than ours, they talk and play, they make up voices and different roles for each toy, it is awesome to watch.
The boys have a knack for being BOYS ~ Be it finding ice crystals http://jromamma365.blogspot.com/2010/02/365-53-ice-crystals.html as we did on our last family walk or be it simple play like you see here with our youngest and his castle.  It is all new and fresh, clean and almost perfect.  Childhood is something we all try to grow out of way too quickly and are unable to regain once it is over.

As a parent I try very hard to give my children experiences that will help them grow and absorb as good times together.  I will NEVER force my children into sports or art classes, I will allow them to ask for it or even ask them if they are intrested.  But forcing a child to enjoy something that "you" like is not childhood.  We should see that as adults trying to relive their childhood through their children, and that is unhealthy.  So for now I will sit back and watch my boys play and watch them fight.  And I will pray for them as they grow and hopefully they can look back at their childhhod and remember great times together.

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