February 21, 2010


What does the Bible really say about the Sabbath?
It is generally assumed that Sunday is the correct day.
Is it possible that all of these churches are wrong on this fundamental doctrine?
And, after all, does it make any difference?
Do we not have to adjust our religion to the changing times?
Was not the law—including the Sabbath—"nailed to the cross" when Christ died?
What about scriptures like Galatians 4:10 or Colossians 2:16—do they not prove that it does not matter which day we keep? Was not Christ resurrected on Sunday, thus His day is the "Lord's Day?" http://sabbath.org/

So what do I think about the Sabbath?  Well I know it is supposed to be a day of rest, but for a mother, does that ever really happen? NO!  So I consider minutes in my days as my Sabbath, minutes to hours where I get time to think, read or even use the potty, as my Sabbath.  I know it sounds funny, but bathroom time alone is some of the only times we get as moms (parents) to be alone.  In this crazy mixed up world we all have to take minutes in our day to be alone. 

As I close out a week of school vacation, I see that my time while they are at school, is some of the most mentally  productive time I have in my week.   While many of you might carve out more than minutes or hours for your sabbath, I must carve out time during my hours to build a Sabbath of my own.   This past week has been stressful and heart breaking for me, I know I will never get those hours back.   I must take in the minutes we spent together and realize that I am trying my best to carve out time for me and time for my family all with a delicate balance.

So this week I am not asking Why Monday?  This week I am praising the name of Monday.

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Blogger Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Friday is our Sabbath. It is Scott's day off and we generally work hard thru the week so we can just relax on Fridays.

February 22, 2010 at 8:16 AM  

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