February 1, 2010

Monday Why Mondays?

When the weekend ends I am almost relieved!
Does that sound awful?
Well I love my family and my home (most of the time) but there is something satisfying in head to work on a Monday morning. They kids are off to school and safe, the house is quite and I can snag my cup of coffee and chill for a few minutes before I am out the door!

For those who don't know me well, I love to sleep in and stay up late, I have been like that since well I am pretty much sure All my life! I think my foster parents even wrote that down for my mom and dad "enjoys her sleep"!

As much as mondays do not allow me to sleep in I also do not have to rush out the door either, which is great for me! I can say it is also good for those who have to see me first thing in the AM!

Be happy I am allowed to sleep ---

Mondays are Bad
Mondays are Good
Mondays are just here!



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