October 29, 2009


I was thinking last night of some silly and yet creative ways to write every Thursday morning!
Not sure on what to write and make sure I continue to write every Thursday, one thought kept coming to me ~ YOU KNOW YOU ARE A MOM WHEN...!~

So here is my first Set of YOU KNOW YOU ARE A MOM WHEN. . . These are a few of mine from this week!

  • You wake up at 5:30 worried there is nit enough milk for breakfast and run to the store to buy some!

  • Stepping on Legos is like walking over hot coals! Just another rite of passage.

  • You volunteer for the PTO, and spend wakeless hours cutting the edges of BoxTops, counting and bagging them in 50's just to help your child's school earn $$!

  • You take a bath and end up relaxing next to Diego and Lighting McQueen!

I will continue this each week on Thursday, and make them current - Feel free to share your own rants about being a MOM or Dad!

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