October 23, 2009

I love the word UGH!!!

This is how I feel right now and I seem to use it a lot when I am writing about how I feel. UGH!

Ugh - it is cold in the house!

Ugh - I just measured out yeast to find out we have no pizza or pasta sauce!

Ugh - i have to go out tonight to be around a bunch of cub scouts!

Ugh ! There might be a group of parents that I really do not want to confront!

Ugh! It is going to rain tomorrow!

Ugh! I wanted one night day to take family photos outside before the leaves are all gone!

It just seems like such a good word to use! UGH!!!

UGH Facebook made changes again today on their site!

UGH my head hurts because I did not have caffeine and now it is too late in the day!

Ugh I could go on and on with this Bugh!


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