October 24, 2009

Broken F AITH

More about this and what others on my face book thread had to say about this photo and a simple Comment like " my faith has been broken" ! It is funny and one of my longest threads! Feel free to comment on the photo etc.

"my faith has been broken ~ and I am not sure who did it!"

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Carly Sporer The evil gnome who hates country decor. Thu at 10:24pm · Delete

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts We all can't live in southern california! Thu at 10:28pm · Delete

Carly Sporer I probably have some dusty rose somewhere in this house....Thu at 10:28pm · Delete

Dan Heubeck One can fix their faith with a little bit of God's super glue....Thu at 11:03pm · Delete

Carly Sporer Maybe the devil made them do it.Thu at 11:21pm · Delete

Nancy Alder LOL Fri at 7:04am · Delete

Jim Hammond it is what it is. but this is a great opprotunity to see where your own faith is a little detached....... Fri at 7:17am · Delete

Sonya Conrad Funny one! Fri at 11:09am · Delete

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Jim perfect time Fri at 11:41am · Delete

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts NO one fessed up! Fri at 4:19pm · Delete

Jim Hammond Why would they- It's YOUR Faith. Fri at 4:29pm · Delete

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Ahhhh Never thought about it that way!My faith Broken - Not theirs!What if I asked whose faith is this? And why is it broken? Fri at 4:57pm · Delete

Jim Hammond This is a GREAT thread! What if the whole family gathered around the "broken faith sign" and everyone shared where their own faith is broken. In the end the broken faith may actually bring you all to a really cool space. Fri at 6:17pm · Delete

Jenny MacLeod Robert Roberts Good idea! However lost on the 8 and 5 year olds!
Fri at 6:21pm · Delete

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