October 24, 2009

Rainy Morning

I really dislike rain, and after the summer we just had I AM DONE with rain! So on top of the rain this am, we were all awakened by the shriek of our four year old upstairs! More like blood curtlying shrill of a child in horrible pain! I am glad my husband is able to dart up the stairs like superman (even though he says he IS superman)! He ran up there to find Dylan with the first half of his thumb stuck in the door jam! Ugh (yup that word again)!
So he pushed open the door and pulled him up into his arms and brought him downstairs! Thinking the worst, we put ice on the thumb to see if it was a superficial injury. As they sat in the kitchen calming down, I had to help avoid another issue with the dog peeing on the floor because he was excited that we were all awake and no one was currently feeding him. Off I went to feed him, then rush him out the back door (in the rain) to GO!!!
Ok one accident averted, now to deal with the first issue of the morning, STOPPED in my tracks by 7 year old " mom, is dylan ok?" ~ I answered honestly, I do not know yet! Let's go see..
Into kitchen we go and check dylan's finger, thank God he was fine, little ones are so resilient to injuries and his little man is no different, he has survived so many accidents with next to NO issues! It is just by Gods grace that we have not gone to the hospital more often with this little man.

But back to the rain, it is UGH!!
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