October 24, 2009

Day seven

Point to ponder: It's all for him.

Verse to Remember: "For everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory." Romans 11:36 (LB)

Question to Consider: Where in my daily routine can I become more aware of God's glory?

I can answer this with confidence that - I - would have to be more aware of his glory at the start and then end of each day. By becoming more aware of this, I will have to add more worship to my routine. More time for reading the bible and starting monday morning I have decided to follow a daily bible reading plan.
Over the past few weeks I have been looking at all sort of plans trying to figure out which one I would like to do and why. And I am still not sure what is the right one for me. Not saying that I can not change it if I do not feel like the verses are crying out to me, but I want to try and stick it out and get much from my time reading the bible in worship.
This is a big step for me and will have to change much of how I get though my day and how I run my day. And for me change is hard and not easily excepted, but I know if I add this to my life, then it will be just as easy to add daily worship to the lives of my family.
Over the past few months I have felt compelled to ready scripture and to really get on my knees in prayer, and really follow the example of those I work with and those I worship with on sundays. However there have only been a few times where I have opened the bible and just read where my heart has opened it! Feeling or none, I know that with praise and worship of his Glory and Grace, I will be guided to his word and guide others as well.
Once I choose a plan of action I will share it with you all, but as for tomorrow it is our family's time to share in the sabbath and continue to "work on" Play and "work on" Rest, the way the Roberts Family does. Through fellowship at church, simple packed lunch and a nice hike in the wonders he has given us! So now sleep and prayer for a somewhat dry day! RAIN go away, ugh!!
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