April 2, 2009

ever need a vacation?

I think I am in need of a vacation - time with out my children. Sure I love them Sure they are pretty much my life, but there lays the problem, they are my life. When was it said that I was supposed to make them come first? Now sure but I think I need time for ME, time to sit and reflect on my relationships. The one with God and the one with myself. I need to step back and see how my relationship with my husband is working and then the kids. I believe that I have to remind myself that I am second in the order of care! GOD, ME, Husband and the children, the rest comes after that- ie house and other family.
But why do we as mothers feel the need to put our children's need before our own?This is why so many of us are stressed out, over tired, and pretty much sick all the time.I have been healthy this winter so having this cold really beats all! I am tired, sick and just want to curl up and sleep, but being a mother that is not an option.
So for now I will continue to read Mark, sip my tea and start up the mini van for a whirl wind tour of Mansfield and Windham - as I continue my duties to my children and regroup later for my own personal duties to GOD!


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