April 5, 2009

GOOD FRIDAY - Breathing Deep

After feeling pretty down last week, I have started to get myself back on the high of following my road to the lord. Even though I have fallen short of being physically fit (for me) for the Good Friday walk, I am gearing up to walk as much as I can. Last year I did 13 miles, the year before I did 11 - but this year I WANT to finish. There is No time limit, but there is limitations to how much I can suffer. By mile 9 you are feeling pretty good like you can go on forever, then you walk through the center of Ellington toward the tobacco fields, and then you go to a rest stop, feeling pretty good still, then the fields - pure WIND toward your face burning it as you walk into the wind. Cold or not it always seems to be stinging! Then you make it to the check in point and Lunch!

Can I tell you that the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you get at the lunch stop is the MOST AMAZING sandwich you will ever encounter? Really it was such pleasure. Then after a bit of a warm up and full belly you continue down to the fields again! With the burning wind, and the next stop is where I stopped last year. But this year I want to feel the pain and pleasure of walking up the last hill toward Rockville United Methodist Church, walk past the center of Rockville - This is another milestone I want to accomplish.

I want to finish the 20 mile walk - that my husband has finished so many years, that my nieces have also have finished. It is my turn to feel the amazing feeling of walking 20 miles! Jesus Walked on Good Friday - and so will I! Please let me know if you would like to pledge $1.00 per mile accomplished! And I look forward to a very (first) truly spiritual Holy Week. Palm Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (by 35th BDay)!



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