April 10, 2009

choosing not to walk on good friday

since it is now 2:30 am and I have been sick for quite a few days I am not walking the good friday walk! I am sad about this but at the same time I need to do what is best for my and my health. And walking in 40 degree col first thing in the morning is not what will continue to make me better! But of course neither will staying up till 2:30?*&(,/

So now I go to sleep and figure out more amazing things to do with my boys as we enter into 10 days straight home together. I am sure it will be fine and we will create fun, but the thought of it is making me ill!

So tomorrow I choose not to walk the 20 miles, but I will be attending church services and I will take time out with my boys to remember why it is called "Good Friday" and not "Really bad Friday!"

Now If I could only remember the last of the ABC's? Ben?



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