April 7, 2009

Little things - Stop Look and Listen

So today is yet another normal Tuesday full of many chores and trying to get stuff done while I am without any children. Running to the DMV, Grocery Store, library, Post office, Bank and Dropping off items to friends, pharmacy all between 9:30 and 11:45! So I rushed around, but in all of that I was stopped in my tracks outside the library. As I walked in I noticed that the sidewalk worms and slugs all washed up after the night rain. Pretty normal right? Well on my way out I decided to stop and check out the slug! Weird right? Well not for me I have boys! OK not right this second, but in general I have them and we normally stop and look at the bugs & ughs!

I was really into the cool slug with its long black body moving across the sidewalk toward the dirt under the bushes. So there I was looking at this ugh on the ground and a few people were entering the library and stoped to ask if I was OK! Oh Me? Sure I was fine, I replied and offered to them to look at the slug. Three people stopped and looked at the small slug on the sidewalk, in the middle of their somewhat hectic lives. It was kind cool to observe this ugh on the ground. It Antonie moving too and fro sensing the air around it! How could this small creature stop four grown women in their tracks? I just did not know the answer, but I loved the outcome.

Once I got back into my car I was reminded of last Monday when Dylan and I went to Trevors school to pick up some scouts stuff, how the two of us were on our way back to our car, and we decided to "SAVE THE WORMS" we picked up many worms and threw them into the grass, again another creature who was washed up on the sidewalk due to a spring rain shower. It was just a moment I could have never reproduced if I tried, It was just a perfect moment in time between Dylan and I!

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