April 5, 2009

Busy Week - even the dog is tired!

This has been a very busy week - Scouts on Monday night where Trevor and his Den were given their Wolf Badge that they have been working toward all year. We are getting ready for our second Pinewood Derby, which should be interesting. Trevor's car is a little different than last years, but still should be a good strong car.
This year I am going to try and run a race myself, with a car I have been told is not all my making, but that is Troy against me.

When I get the photos up loaded I will post them after the race, no need to show the competition what OUR cars look like! post more tomorrow night!

The week was pretty normal besides me feeling totally under the weather, but we moved on and got plenty accomplished. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned even more of my office space. Troy was totally impressed. In fact so were the kids! And they notice next to NOTHING.

I painted more on the Bible Walk through backdrops of Noah's Ark, Moses in the reeds and Jonah and the Big Fish....Have less than a month to accomplish those, I will get the finished....I know I have too!

Yesterday Saturday Troy worked, so I got dressed early and dragged the boys out the CES PTO Easter egg hunt. It was cold at 9:25 am, but the boys did great and each came home with a bag of candy and empty egg shells. Ok really they came home with empty egg shells, cause the candy was consumed in the 10 minute ride from the school to home, and the wrappers where left on the floor of the van. In all they had fun and it was good to see their school friends beyond the classroom.
As you can see by the photo even the dog is tired, cause beyond the Egg hunt, they boys played hard and then had their Grammy come over and the four of us went to the EastBrook S-Mall to see the Easter Bunny. They LOVED that, and I was able to get a shot of them with this 6 foot tall white funny dressed up person. Dylan was in heaven with the bunny and Trevor tells me "I know that is a person, but I wont tell Dylan" What a kind older brother.
That was one of the few very sweet moments that they share. While there we invested into another pair of tennis shoes. Seems that
Trevor is burning through them as fast as he eats food. The new ones are a 4.5 and he is only 7! He wears 10/12 pants and 12/14 shirt. I am not sure I will be able to keep him well fed as a preteen! UGH

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