February 9, 2009

Reflecting on yesterday! (sunday 2/8/9)

Reflecting on such an amazing day filled with tears, laughter, music, family, community, powerful indeed! There I was not so sure what all that stuff was still doing in the middle of church, I knew the liquid was putting together these AIDS kits, but why did they leave their mess there? How rude! LOL Well I was sitting there with my husband, we were enjoying the coffee and pastry, the fellowship, being able to hug people good morning and pass peace to one another, which always feels good! Having the pastors know my name, having half the church know who I am and reading my nametag without hesitation, it all felt good! I always feel good to walk through the doors of St. Paul’s. So again back to sitting there and thinking that liquid folks should have cleaned up their mess. Listening to Ben talk about all the amazing projects that we at St. Paul’s will be a part of not only in these 40 days of community but beyond that, for years to come. Talk about Church to church relations and how one is a given while another is the receiver, and full circle it will come back to us.
Amazing! This is stuff I missed out on while growing up, sure I worked in soup kitchens and collected money to feed the poor, but did I understand why? Not so sure. I dibbed and dabbed in community service as a girl scout and in college because we HAD to ~ but did I get it? I am still not so sure. Then I met my husband, he told me of his church, a mission based United Methodist church, which used to do ASP, and go and build home in the south for the poor. He told me of all the other types of projects they used to do, and I thought Wow – that is a church at work! Now I am here at St. Paul’s and I love what the people here do, how much they LOVE their community and love the people in the community. It is awesome.
I really absorbed the videos that were shown on Sunday, and even cried. I watched my husband hold back the tears, and a friend to my left. It was inspiring to know that we as a church, a family a community would be able to help so many with so little. So what Am I DOING? Well we decided as a family to sponsor 2 children for FACT - Feed Panama (Panama City, Panama), I have gone shopping for the "Hootalooya" Community Dinner Program, and will do so each week or each time I go shopping. I have contacted Bev with Care Net Pregnancy Center (Storrs), and asked her when I could come in and help, and let her know I am willing to do pretty much anything that is needed. The last one is very important to me and I know I want to help with Care Net, long after the 40 days are up, the reasons I will share later in my blog.
Let me just say that this Sunday like so many before has really had a major impact on my life and is allowing me to Grow, learn and most of all Love!


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