February 16, 2009

monday morning ramble

So last night I shared with my hubby for the first time many of my blog entries. He is not on unifyer or the internet that much, and I even asked if he would like a facebook account or unifyer....not yet he replied. So we shared my blog and my feelings. It pretty much allowed us to reconnect ~ something we do about once a week, after the kids are down for the night we sit and talk about what went on this past week and what we are up to for the rest of the week ahead. I know this sounds strange to connect only once a week, but this is deep connections, like dating. We are finding that once he gets home there is dinner, kids to bed, bills and chores and then two very beat parents off to sleep land. Very little energy to connect, talk, share or just be next to eachother.
So last night was the time. Not valentines day, not friday night date but an un scheduled time to be with eachother. It was good. He shared with me his feelings about our family and attending SPCC, how the kids are growing in the church and how we as a couple are growing as a church. Many of you know Troy, but not well enough to know he likes to tease me, and in a very loving way. If you ever watch us in church during the sermon, we nudge or poke, or even whisper to eachother little funny things and sometimes things like "hey he is talking to you!" LOL I love it!
In our old church we would have never felt comfortable to do such a thing. Even when we went back to Christmas Eve service, we were like two teen agers attending chuch, we were giggling and just enjoying being there with eachother. We both also felt like we were going to get in trouble any second by his mother or some of the church elders. LOL
But last night was a good night of conversation, it was lots of "Hey you know I have an issue and I would really like to talk with you, is now a good time?" he he but it made us see that we are open with eachother, I might be HOT headed oh pretty much all the time, and he is cool joe till he looses it! (this is a kinda between right). But we always talk, we never allow our anger or issues grow. Troy is my best friend, I share everything with him, If i get mad or angery with him, then I need to fix it quick, cause I have only him to put me in time out!
So there are my morning ramblings about the Love i have for my spouse and how he is my best


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