February 13, 2009

misc. LOVE

As you might know about reading my blog is that we have two boys 7 & 4. This is an entry about their LOVE. This is a brotherly LOVE that is most of the time hidden behind the need to be heard, seen and have 100% attention on "ME""THEM" etc. So last night we put our boys to bed, they share a room, and we say our good nights then retreat to our own bedroom to read (hubby) and me crochet. Over the SPY monitor, we hear our 4 year old getting up and telling his brother he is going down stairs. The 7 year old replies "But I can not sleep with out you, please don't go!" stomp stomp stomp the little one comes down the stairs."I can't sleep!" Stomp stomp stomp the oldest comes down. "Dylan I need you to be in our room I can not sleep without you! Please come back up?"So we get the little one to go back up stairs with the insentive that his brother is there with him, stomp stomp stomp they both retreat up the stairs.Over the spy monitor we hear the 7 year old "Thanks Dylan I know you might be scared but I am here and I need you here to sleep!" I was amazing on the LOVE he was sharing, I enjoied hearing that, knowing he did not know I was listening. Some days are better than others and they show it so differently. But as I lay in bed this am I hear them fighting like a cat and a dog - over something that was small and usless. I just have to reflect on the pure thoughts of last night!

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