February 18, 2009

Cub Scouts at our House!

Last night I openned our home to my den of cub scouts and their parents. They were to be working on a few projects for scouts that they needed to accomplish before March so we can move them ahead to the next level. They are close but need some final things done.
So they arrive there are four total but only three come over. Three 7/8 year old boys, second graders - wow! Then there is our almost 4 year old who thinks he is 7 like his brother. There is troy, another mom and myself. Pretty good ratio right? Well you would be amazed on how out numbered we are.
The is one child who wants to be called BOB, the other one is having seperation issues from his mother (who is there) because she just had a little boy 4 weeks ago, there is our 7 year old who think he is all that and a bag of chips, and aagain the almost 4 year old who is just plain olde silly~!
So off to the workshop we go to teach them about tools and how to use them. They are as good as you can expect! Silly, loud and totally rambuntious. They make a really cool recipie card holder and off we go with more sillyness.
Inside we travel to make our own pizzas - cool right? Well I do not like this or that and can i wear the dough? When will my mom be here? Can I eat the raw dough? Oh the list of questions goes on and on! We make the pizzas and then onto the next project while they are cooking. All is going well till the pizzas burn, and the 4 year old starts to draw on everyones projects! UGH
Now we are back to eatting the pizza ands making our own sundaes, and waiting on the last parent to show up for pick up! In all I can say I am soooo done with having children and so done with boys for the week - will today ever end? not sure it is only 8:35


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