February 6, 2009


Such a simple perfect food - right?Well how about this we have gone through over 5 lbs of banannas in the past week -WHAT?Yeah the family is on a bananna kick, seems that each time I leave the house and pass a store I have to pick up a "bunch" of banannas. They are green (our youngests favorite color) when I get them and depending on where I leave them in the kitchen they will stay longer than other places. Near the wall and the sink they stay hard and green longer, then they do over the kitchen table. WHY? I am sure there is some scientific reason, and you know what? I really do not care!What I care about is the digestive health of my family and WHY does everyone eat so many banannas? The perfect fruit, the beautiful yellow color, and the mixture of light brown spots make this a fun to watch fruit! Have you ever left one out way to long? YUCK right? I think it is amazing to see one rot into brown/black mush! First it is a beautiful line green, then a pale green almost yellow. They turn an amazing golden yellow and start to freckle, then the freckles spread over the bananna until it takes over the bananna and turns BLACK! All black and mushy! then we eat bananna bread for weeks!


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