March 23, 2010


LETS WAKE UP PEOPLE  - PLEASE READ THIS POST on Kristi Stephen's Blog  part of Ellie‚Äôs Story ~ Thailand by Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International

"..... Child Trafficking ~ Baby trafficking is the newest face of trafficking. Younger and younger children are being trafficked, robbing the cradle, as well as the joy and wonder of childhood. Today, the global age of entry into forced prostitution is 12. Infants are sold for organs or worse, and young, young girls are imprisoned in the dark hallways of the red light district. There is a myth that the younger the girl, the less likely it is that the buyer will get AIDS.[1]

Consider: 75,000 Filipino children were on the streets in 1998, forced into prostitution according to one report. 3,266 Filipino children become victims of exploitation each year.[2]

1.2 million children are trafficked internationally each year; as many as 2 million children are currently subjected to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade.[3]"

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