March 19, 2010


We all make list of what is important to do today - but do we ever sit down and write a list of the important things in life?

I was thinking on the way to work, of all the things I need to get done today at work, and do when i get home from work, someof those things I need to do between work and home, too many lists over lapping for me.  So I started to really think about the big list and what was really important to accomplish before I pass away.  Morbid sure, but think of all the things we could do with and teach our children before we die.

Here are three main ones I want my boys to learn from me:

1. Always respect your family (be it your brother, mother, wife or your own children) Respect them they way you want respect for yourself.

2. Learn to read the Bible.  Something I did not learn early enough, but I am trying now.

3. Self Love not Self Loathing.  It will get you far and further then anything else.

What would you tell your children? What do you want to accomplish before you can't?

Also another post by Kristi Stephens on her series check it out because it is important to know what is really going on in the world:

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