March 18, 2010


-Kristi Stephens from will be jumping in on my blog for a few weeks and she will be bringing some stories, facts and testimony on a very unknown topic - read below for her introduction and please visit her site often during the next few weeks - Thank You for visiting my blog and THANK YOU Kristi for bringing this to all of us.

I have an odd defense mechanism with things that make me uncomfortable - I go to sleep!

When on long car trips through the mountains with no exits in sight, or stuck in a traffic jam in a tunnel, and we start to run low on gas, I lean my seat back and sleep (when NP is driving, of course!) I figure that if we are going to run out of gas, it will happen whether I am awake and anxious or asleep and blissfully unaware - most likely we'll be fine, so I might as well avoid the stress and sleep!

There are a lot of horrifying and evil things in this world that I would rather not think about. I find myself metaphorically sleeping in my seat to avoid anxiety.

Human trafficking is one of those issues I would rather not think about.

Chew on these stats - read them out loud if it will help them sink in.
100,000 girls, ages 9-19, are trafficked in commercial sexual exploitation in the U.S.
3,000 children are forced into commercial sexual exploitation at any given time, just in San Francisco.
1.2 million children are trafficked internationally each year
As many as 4 million women and girls are bought and sold worldwide every year.


I'm guessing most of us are like me - we'd rather close our eyes, stay blissfully unaware. We figure it's going to happen whether we know about it or not, so we might as well ignore it.

It's time to wake up, friends. There are things we can do.

The more I learn about human trafficking, the more it vividly illustrates for me my state as a former slave, redeemed from the bondage of sin. Christ paid the price with His own blood to redeem my life from the pit - the least I can do in return is to tell others about the freedom available through my Savior. And as a former slave, redeemed by a God who loves justice and mercy, I feel compelled to do all I can to secure freedom for the millions of physical slaves in this sin-marred world.

I humbly ask you to join me on this journey. For the next two weeks- the weeks before we commemorate the blood-price paid for our freedom - it is my honor to host Gillian Ferdwerda from Women at Risk, International here on Gillian will be sharing amazing stories, horrifying statistics... and hope. Women at Risk, also known as WAR, is on the front lines - helping to find, rescue, love women and children who have been sold, abused, betrayed, forgotten. There are so many ways we can help.

So please be sure to read this amazing series. Visit Women at Risk, International's website. Learn all you can about trafficking. Tell your friends. Post links on facebook, twitter, or your blog. Please help spread the word - wake us from our slumber.

If you are a blogger and would like to help, please grab this button for your blog - the more who hear, the better.

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Let's proclaim freedom for the captives in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Any support you can give through the 2-week series - linking from twitter, facebook, your blog, etc.

If you have personal experience dealing with the issue of human trafficking or if you simply want to share what you're learning/ thinking about, it would be awesome if you posted "response" posts on your blogs - I would love to link them to the main page of the redeemed series!

PRAYER. There have already been some things that have caused me to think that this series is really going to be spiritual warfare. Please pray for God's name to be glorified, for God's people to be moved to action, and that some might even understand the nature of our slavery to sin and the freedom offered in Christ for the first time.

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Anonymous Kristi Stephens said...

Thank you for posting this - and for adding my button as the featured blog!

I so appreciate everyone's support to get the word out - praying that God would move mightily! :)

March 18, 2010 at 7:38 PM  

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