March 22, 2010

Monday Guest Post - EMPTY PROMISES

March 22nd, 2010 by Kristi Stephens

Gillian Ferwerda of Women at Risk, International will be sharing amazing posts with us during the Redeemed series – I pray you will join us and be changed through it!

Aapti’s Story
Nepal : Aapti grew up in a small Nepali village. Life was hard, but they managed. She helped her mother make alu roti, the Nepalese bread and fetch water from the well.

She knew her family was poor, but then the drought struck. There were days when they had nothing to eat… She remembers the hollow of her stomach echoed the hollow in her mother’s eyes. Her baby brother was always crying, but then he became too weak to cry.

A woman came to their village, richly dressed in a yellow sari. She was the only colorful thing in their wind-blown village.

She told Aapti that she was beautiful, and Aapti blushed. She said that Aapti could find a job in a city, taking care of a rich person’s children. Then she could send money back home. “And my baby brother would not die?” Yes, her baby brother would not die. Aapti could even buy a colorful sari like hers, the woman said.

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