September 8, 2009

The Purpose Driven Life DAY 1

Day ONE!

"Everything got started in him and finds its purpose in Him" Colossians 1:16b

In spite of all the advertising around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God, not myself?

In starting the purpose Driven Life, I have gone backwards a bit in this study, but feel it is a better place to continue from then to pass over this all together. Last spring our church started "40 Days of Community" which allowed me to see who I am within a community, but not just one community, but many different communities. And because of that study I have found a purpose to my everyday life I've been given such an amazing job.

This job is my daily reminder about living for god, and not myself.

Another reminder would be my family, because of the Lord I have been given a beautiful family, i have a minute by minute reminder that it is not all about me, that it is about the Lord, it is about raising my children to connect them with the Lord and for them to learn to serve Him as well.

My husband is also an amazing reminder, he puts it into perspective on how our lives are small compared to all the hardship in the world, and that we might be struggling, but we are blessed with health, home and happiness, that others could never achieve. So he is a constant reminder for me of how blessed I am to have God in my life.

Another reminder would be the people I have been surrounded by, women and men who I am excited to call not only my co-workers, but my friends. They bless me each day we continue to come together at church, work or in each others homes. The Lord has blessed me with many ways to over come the constant obstacle of media and advertising, and He has allowed my family and friends to become my support and role models.

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