September 25, 2009

10 Years of Marriage

10 Years of Marriage



That Long Already!

Oh I forgot!

Are you two still in love?

That is amazing!

These are some of the many things said to me when letting my friends know that Troy and I have been married for 10 years (9/25/99). Amazing NO!! Still In Love? I know I am still in love with him, and I always feel that he loves me as well.

Has it been easy? NO! Has it been hard? NO!!! It has been a perfect blend of challenges, excitement, fun, changes, learning, growing, agreeing and fighting.

Troy and I are polar opposites. I tend to see my self as a city gal at heart, not huge on the icky sticky things in life. Troy is a country boy who loves to be outside getting all muddy and greasy from working on anything that needs to be puttered with. With us it is true when they say opposites attract. We do! In so many ways we are different. From our personal organization to how we handle people and problems. Our goals were always different, what and where we wanted to do with our life together, we always had different plans. My dream house and his were different, and we compromised with the home we now live in. (another love/hate relationship i might never want to blog about).

We differ on how we handle family relationships, work relationships and the parenting aspect of our lives. We differ on so many things, you think we never get along! Not true. WE get along amazingly well, as we will both tell anyone "we are best friends"! Really we are! We finish one anothers thoughts, communicate with one another in many different modern ways. Facebook, texting, calling, IMing and emailing and some more traditional ways like love notes, hugs, kisses and talking to each other after a fight or before bed. We leave very few stones unturned before we retire for the night. And we try hard never to go to bed mad with each other.

Many many times we agree to disagree, and then work our way through it. So far for the past 14.5 years that we have known one another, we have worked through many many issues that we have made compromises and we have changed plans because we did not agree on the desired outcome. But as we move forward in our marriage and we have added children to the mix, we find that we are starting to build up a parenting wall that we both stand behind. We "got each others Back". We would bend over backwards to support each other on a issue with the children, then we would talk about it later when they are not around.

In general I have no complaints about my husband Troy. he is a great Friend, father, husband, son, brother, co-worker and all around good christian man. He is the same man I met that night in July 1995. He is my best friend and I look forward to hangin out with him more and learning more about him as we move forward in our relationship.

Thank you Troy for so many great years with you.

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