September 2, 2009

Hearing the Call?

On July 26th I wrote about answering the call in my blog entry "Being Asked to Answer The Call".

But what have I done since that?

Nothing really, I have just continued to pray and listen, but as of yesterday morning I realized that I should be doing more then just listening! Just by meeting with my pastor and a simple question about Journaling. So now I see, that I should be writing and praying about what I am hearing or guided to think about. As of today I will start to write down what I am guided toward. I will continue to pray for those I think of and those who will be brought to my mind.

This is going to be a challenge, but I have been challenged over the past year. Challenged in my faith, family and in my work, so what makes this different?

Well it is different, because I am holding my self accountable to listen and act. It is different because I am a step closer in my walk with my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. It is all just different in what I am being drawn into to see and accomplish.

Beyond listening to the Lord about going to Care Net to volunteer and then landing an amazing job, with amazing purpose and amazing friends, who are all in it for the same reasons, that I am! It is a mission field that has called us all to it! So beyond this, I am in need of listening to what the Lord is telling me. Round and Round I go, but I am sure I will stop where I need to!

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