July 29, 2009


Trust in the Lord forever,
for in God the Lord,
we have an everlasting Rock.
Isaiah 26:4
It all sounds so easy. Many things in the bible sound easy to accomplish! Sure if I lived over 2000 years ago and could truely walk in the foot steps of Jesus Christ. Do I trust in the Lord!? YES!!! Will I trust in the Lord forever? I am trying my best, but I/ we are human and can faulter just as easliy as those around us. This is a time in my life where I need to trust in the Lord my God and that he will guide me and those I love to the truth, love and everlasting kingdom of heaven.
I trust in him!! YES!
I also look to him for guidance and direction. I call out to the Lord to protect me as I serve him everyday. As I follow the Lord more - I see that there is a need for us here on earth to become more like him and more like the followers of Jesus Christ. We need to trust in what we are told, and we need to gain trust of others, so we can spread the Gospel.
I trust him to help me with my family and help provide a soild foundation for our children and a soild foundation for my marriage. These things are hard and take work, and as I have told the boys, "NOTHING IS HANDED TO YOU IN LIFE! YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!"
This is a hard one for these guys to see or understand but right now it seems to be an important lesson for them to start to pick up on. We are in need of some major structure, and with the Lords help we will be able to provide a solid rock to stand on for them, and guide them toward the path of the Lord.
This week is a major challenge for our family, as one reaches out for help and we help them with their family needs. I ask that we all pray for that persons need to become whole and clean again, and protect that person as they enter what might be a very difficult and life changing path with the Lord. Protect my children and husband as we all try to become a solid family unit and start removing the walls we have put up between us.


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