July 18, 2009

Family Outting Number ????

This week was another week off for Troy, and in true Roberts Family Fashion we descided to take the kids for a day trip to Lake Compounce in Bristol CT. Since the weather looked the best for tuesday afternoon - we dared to make the treck to an amusement / water park alone with two boys. WOW - what a fun day.

We got there around 2:30 and went right to the big water area, within a few imnutes Troy and Trevor got drenched by a larger than life bucket high above the whole area. Thank goodness I had their shoes but they soon left that so they could dry off. we did not stay long in the water area since we left our towels and other items in the car, to be safe. ???

Off to ride some fun rides, the Twister, log flume, mini motorcycles, bummper cars and the big swings. What got us the most was the way the boys acted on the Haunted Boo Blaster ride, where you run trough and blast ghosts with a boo blaster. I thought it was fun, but both kids were in tears by the end of the darkened ride with black lights and laser guns


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