July 26, 2009

Being Asked to Answer The Call

Have I been asked to answer the call?

It is a question that has been asked of me and I have been asking of myself.

Here I sit at 12:49 am asking myself that question again and again.

Have I been asked to answer His call to serve him?

And If I have been called to serve Him, Have I heard him?

Have I heard the call?

I think I have heard most of what has been asked of me.

There have been days when I have questioned who I am, why am I here and what am I doing with my life?

Then I get into asking more and more questions, deeper questions that send me into a sleepless night but I guess what is needed is for me to sit and write it all out, whrite down my questions and my thoughts and really look at what I am or should be doing with my life.

Today was an amazing day for me on the path I am taking with the Lord.

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