July 13, 2009

Christianity 201 How to Serve Others

Christianity 201 How to Serve Others
St Paul's Storrs CT
Sunday July 12th.

This sermon was a very interesting one to me and to Troy as well. We both left last week with a different point of view on how to serve others and the type of people we serve in this world and how to serve them as Christians.

Who do we Serve?
The people who WONT DO...
The people who WANT DO ...
and The people who CAN'T DO...

One word that stuck in our minds was admonishment and how we can provide more to them by doing so. Then there was the different ways to Admonish...

And many times this week we have stopped one another in the way we handle the boys and one another. This has been very hard for the two of us but we are being more aware of what needs to be said and when and how. Huge step for us.

I liked this quote and I am not sure if Jeff Arthurs said this or another but is was a good reminder.

In talking to another who is talking about someone about behind their back would benefit from hearing this "A man who says he Loves God would not say that about a Friend"!


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