June 13, 2009

Trying hard to find the time to write about my relationship with God is becoming so much harder than the action. As I have written each day I go to work and come home I turn off the radio and have my 1/2 hour there and 1/2 hour back to just reflect on the day before - the day past or the day ahead. This is the time I pray, this is the time I thank the lord for providing what is needed in our home.

This is great time for me, time I feel I never had before having a job. Sure I had a job before, but never one where I feel that what we do every day is making a difference or an impact of the lives of others. And while at my past job I was not following the path laid before me by the lord. I was too worried about materialist things, and what we had to do in the short time we had as a family. This new position with a ministry is so much more rewarding emotionally the last was only rewarding financially. Not to say I did not love my last job, because I did, I am just in a different stage of life where I have different priorities.

This week along with working I was able to build in fellowship. I opened my home (huge step for me) to three women from church. Again these women were from all different stages in their relationship with the lord and different stages of the personal life. It was cool to just sip coffee with them and talk about what is weighing on us the most right now. I hope and pray I can open my home every other week to more people from church and beyond. This is a big step for me and I just need to remember that what I offer is my heart and mind not the appearance! I have said before our home is not perfect, not finished and not beautiful - but it is OURS and with the protection of the Lord, it will be one filled with love and fellowship.

So I am glad I could take this time to write this morning with children fighting, playing and making a mess in the other room, I know it is short lived and it might be days till I find the time again to write about my walk with the Lord. So I ask him now to guide me in my week ahead and guide me to do His work. - Amen


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