June 1, 2009

since working

I have been reminded how much I am working to do the will of the lord and how God is doing his will though us! But I have also been reminded that there are forces that are trying and are pushing though on those who are in the Army of the lord.

Since walking with the Lord I have been handed many challenges to deal with and many I think I will never get though. But I keep doing his will and his work and know that I will have to fight many a fight to get to the next stepping stone on my path.

I keep pushing through I keep knowing that I am doing the right things for the right reasons, and that I will rewarded in the end when judged in front of the Lord.

I have been handed pain on a platter, I have been handed fear, hurt, sadness, disbelief, temptations, greed and so much more. But when I stop to think I have been shown healing, faith, guidance, truth and clarity. My year past has been a very hard one, full of things I wished I had never done, said or thought. But in return I have been given many gifts so many I can not run a list, but know I have been blessed when I Needed to be Blessed.

In this past year I have learned to ask for less and be thankful for more. I have learned to be grateful more and less expectant. I could go on and on about how my year has gone, but now I need to continue to pray for those who need my prayers and those who are in need of all prayers. From our church leaders to the government officials. Teachers to students. Travelers on the roads and in the air. We need to pray for those in pain and those who feel that they are lost, allow them to know that their is one or more people praying for them.

I continue my prayers for unborn children, and their mothers and that the doctors and counselors are guiding them in the right directions. as my fingers type I see that I am rambling but need to stop and allow my brain to ramble and ramble to God the lord of all.


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