June 4, 2009

Doing the Work of the Lord

Since starting with Care Net - not just working but when I was volunteering, I have noticed more and more the people who are doing his work and his will are becoming more and more attacked by evil. The more I push through and raise funds, supplies or even talk about Care Net, I have more challanges to over come. Some are personal some are family, some have come in the form of conflict between my children and myself. But no matter how it appears, i just have to keep reminding myself that this too shall pass and that the Lord is walking with me on this path.

An expample of the Lord working, was just yesterday. We were all working at the center, had clients come in, returning and new. Typical day for us, however one of our client advocates was unable to come in because she was in so much pain, and it is cronic pain. I was late to the center because I needed gas and there is only one station close to home and not another closer to work. Then while there my boss started to have pains in her neck, (not your typical kid like pains LOL) but true pain where her neck was red and inflamed.

She called the doctor and he said he could see her in an hour and a half. So we all gathered around her and prayed over her, her skin was cool to the touch but but the time we finished each one of us had such warmth it just seemed amazing. We were also amazed because as we finished with an AMEN, the phone rang and it was pastor Mike, calling for Pati to see how she was doing. Nothing more than that, not returning a call but just out of the blue calling to see how she was doing. This is God working to overcome the evils that try to stop us from doing the lords work.

So today as I move forward I pray for Pati and I pray for all those doing the Lords work, and that the Lord will guide them down the right path, and protect them on their journey.

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