June 16, 2009


so these emails have been coming to my in box from rick warren and his church, this week they are geared toward fathers in honor of fathers day. Many of them I skim and then forward on to my husband. Does he read them I am not sure, all I know is that I have been searching for more for our family! Well you might reply "Aren't we all?" Yes we all are, but if I can not stir the hearts and minds of my own family, what am I doing wrong? Am I doing anything wrong? Not sure yet, All I know is that I want to add to my children's lives more prayer, more thankfulness, less selfishness, move giving and a general awareness of others in their community and their world.

IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK? It just might be when it comes to raising children in a world that is so materialist and media focused that it is hard to redirect them back to the needs of the world and not just their needs. Early last week I was in Manchester looking for a book at the christian book store, becoming one of my favorite places, even through I do not enjoy reading. So I was there and there was the Family 15 DVD and audio CD set that allows families to connected 15 minutes every week. WOW 15 minutes? Well it is 15 minutes of a dvd and then ideas for discussion and review of the week past. Teaching children how to pray for them selves and for others, and to review with their families the out come of their prayers, concerns and general thoughts.

So I bought this set and I have listened to the audio cd for parents. Sounds great and was very uplifting, but now I have to get my children on board and get them to open up now and feel comfortable opening up to us before they become teens. I know I do not want to be their friend, because that almost always never ends well on the parent child relationship. I just want them to know that we are here for them, that we care for them and we will always listen to what they have to share. Pray for me as I move forward with this family 15 program and see if it can and will be used in our home.


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