November 2, 2009

Mobil of GODS Faithful Family

Last night after a very long conversation with a hurting heart, I needed to vent to my husband, and so I did! Knowing I had to focus on MY feelings on the situation and not on the players in the drama (I had to remove them from my questioning of the situation and remain an outsider) and open up to him what was on my mind.

But in sharing all of this with my husband, I found it very hard not to judge the faith of these hearts over my own faith in the Lord. I had to step back and really look at where I am in my walk and where they are in theirs. Totally different paths and directions, we are at an intersection together walking toward the same goal, to meet the heavenly father at the end of the earthly journey, but we are in different places and that I understand. I also was judging the role of those broken hearts churches in their lives. But during all of this venting (in a good way), I was gently reminded by my loving husband that "We need to not question or judge another church, at least for this week!"

OK OK it had been less that 12 hours from the sermon that morning that told us to look for all the family members of God's family, and embrace them into your own families, ~ all those who are in God's family are in YOUR family.

After my husband said these words to me, I apologized to him and told him that he was right and correct to remind me of this. So here I am still in need of venting about the situation, but not intending to hurt anyone or their faith or their church home. I must remind myself that each church home is different, as each person is different. I guess my biggest issue is that I am new in my journey, new with a church home that I feel comfortable with and new to the idea that the Lord is my savior and I just want everyone to feel these feelings.

I would love for these hurting hearts to find a church home that they could feel comfortable enough in to share everything with their pastors and friends. To feel as if they have a church family that would support them through think and thin all without judgement. I would love for the Church families that say they will always support these hearts, actually support them.

And as of today I will continue to pray with and for these hurting hearts, pray that their church homes will lift them up and support them through all the times in their lives (good and bad) and really be that rock that so many of us look for and desire as we walk hand in hand with the Lord on our journeys with and to him.

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