November 5, 2009

Thinking Thursday...

Thinking Thursday, what makes you a parent? It could be many things, all beyond giving birth to a child or helping in the creation of that child. It is the day to day things that they put us through. Again this week I will give examples of what made me a parent this week. Feel free to share your own stories!

Alright - This is one one of those times where I know I am a parent when I get a photo message while at work, from my husband...of my 4year old son eating corn! But wait the good part comes next. I know I am a parent not because of the photo from hubby, but because I ran around the office showing everyone the photo and told them all how proud I was of my four year old for eating his corn!
WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL YOU ASK?? WEll this child is so stubborn (not sure where he gets it his father) that he would ONLY eat Corn while still on the Cob! No joke, we even cut the corn off the cob right in front of him, and he still refused to eat it! UGH! (do not get me going on UGHs again)

So I am thrilled and I am excited to show silly of me, but it counter acts the second part of the story. I come home later, boys in bed, to find out the real story, only after asking "How did you get him to eat the corn?"

Hubby replied by tell me how 7year old brother and 36 year dad decided to go ahead and have desert (ie Halloween candy), right in front of said 4 year old, who then proceeded to get angry and upset, voice his opinion and flex his muscles. He was then disciplined and made an apology to his father, and then proceeded to climb back up into his chair and try the corn (off the cob), and ate more than half of what was given to him. His just reward was Just desert.

Eating his corn

The second thing that reminded me that I am a parent with unconditional love for my children, also happened today. I guess having two things happen on one day is a great way to write the Thursday Thinking Day Blog Post. 3:45 pm comes fast most days and today was no exception. My day off from work, and a day to get caught up with chores, etc. My 4 year old gets off the bus alone, because today is Thursday, and his brother is staying after for Lego Club! Really an after school club to build things out of Legos, really cool! My oldest normally wants to take the late bus, which departs at 4:20 from the school and seems to be almost an hour ride home, cause there is only one bus for all the children staying after. He would normally arrive sometime after 5 pm. But today being so much different that any other day (NOT), I get a phone call at 4:15 telling me that He had an accident! AN ACCIDENT? WHat? Is he ok ...what happened to my 7 year old??? I was told (and calmed down) by the school secretary that he had an accident in the bathroom and wanted me to come get him. WOW not what I expected, but who says parenthood is? Well no one if they are parents.

I packed up the little one and drove off to the school, fearing the worst I got extra clothes and we were off. This is not a short trip to the school 15 minutes regular driving and 10 if I have a sick kid there. 20 minutes if I plan to pick them up! I arrived, and there he was waiting, and looking all sad. I gave him the change of clothes and spoke with the secretary for a minute while he changed in the bathroom. We walked out to the car, not speaking a word about this. As we were driving home I had to ask "what happened?" he replied that he was not paying attention to what he was doing and got him self all wet while using the bathroom. OK OK I felt better, at least he was just being lazy, and did not wet his pants in the classroom etc. He was just being lazy! I felt bad for him, and explained that he needed to be more aware of what he was doing, and pay more attention. END of conversation. Less than I feared it would be, and we have not spoken about it again tonight and will not mention it again tomorrow.

Being a parent is a challenge, struggle and one heck of a crazy job. if I had known I would have still signed on for this, cause my boys are one of a kind and nothing like each other. They continually remind me about how hard it is to be a parent and remind me how much I love it too!

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